3 Steps To Reducing The Sugar In Your Smoothies Without Noticing

3 Steps To Reducing The Sugar In Your Smoothies Without Noticing

Last week I discussed the reasons why you might want to consider reducing the amount of sugar in your smoothies.

Eating sweet fruit can be part of a healthy diet but we want to make sure that we have our fair share of savoury foods which will make up the bulk of our diet.

In this post what I would like to show you is how you can gradually reduce the amount of sugar in your smoothies so you are taking in less and less natural sugar everyday.

Most people eat far too much sugar and therefore they have a very sweet tooth.  So it is important to gradually reduce the sugar in your diet so that you don’t end up shocking the body and giving up entirely.

The reason why I made my Green Thickies so naturally sweet was so that you could transition very easily from a high refined sugar diet to a naturally sweet diet without even noticing.

But lately I have been taking steps to massively reduce the amount of natural sugars in my diet as this is very important for healing the body, and if you have any health problems or teeth problems, it might be something you want to consider too especially if you’ve already cut out refined sugar.

It can be very hard at first to reduce sugars and eat food that doesn’t taste quite so sweet, but I promise you do get used to it very quickly.  (This is coming from someone with a very sweet tooth!)

Now I barely notice that my Green Thickies have dramatically lower sugar content than they used to.

So, what are the steps that we need to take to reduce the natural sugars in smoothies?

Step 1

Below, I will show you my Basic Green Thickie recipe.  

As you will notice there is quite a lot of natural sugar in this smoothie. It contains bananas and dates which are both very high in natural sugars.

So drinking the basic green thickie recipe every day is step one.   

Just eliminating refined sugar in your diet and drinking the Basic Green Thickie recipe will be a really big shift in your diet and will lead to numerous health improvements and weight loss.

Step 2

In step 2 what we are going to do is remove the dates from the Green Thickie.

We are still going to keep the high sugar fruit such as bananas or mangos, but if we need any additional sweetener we are going to add a low sugar sweetener such as stevia or erythritol which do not spike your blood sugar levels at all and contain no carbs.

Step 3

Finally in step 3 we are going to replace the high sugar fruit for low sugar fruit or even reduce or replace the sugar entirely.

So we will replace bananas or mangos with berries which are much lower in sugar.  

And if we want to take the berries out entirely we might add avocado which is still a fruit but is very low in sugar and still makes the smoothie nice and creamy.

We are going to keep the low sugar sweetener until we feel like we don’t need it anymore.

At that point we could even remove the low carb sweetener from the smoothie.

Please see my table below and you can see the difference between each of the steps when I reduce the sugar gradually in my Basic Green Thickie recipe.

3 steps to reducing the sugar in your smoothies without noticing

3 Steps To Reducing The Sugar In Your Smoothies Without Noticing

Where are you in your journey?  Have you given up refined sugar yet?  Or are you at the point where you are looking to reduce the amount of natural sugars in your diet?

Leave a comment below.

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