5 Ways Weight Loss Smoothies Cause Weight Gain

5 Ways Weight Loss Smoothies Cause Weight GainMy daughter just moved from a holistic nursery that served fresh organic food straight from the garden, to a standard school with standard school meals.

I asked for her meals to be dairy free, but I’m still thinking of going down the packed lunch route.

The problem is she is fussy when it comes to healthy food and she will hardly eat any vegetables, so she doesn’t eat a lot of my healthy meals either.

Thankfully, she will drink her smoothies that I make for her, and at least I know that they are bursting with nutrients.

I can also sneak vegetables in there which makes me feel really good knowing she’s gone to school with at least one nutritious meal inside her.

46-kids-drinking-smoothiesWhat about you? Do you start the day with a nutritious meal to set you up for the day?

Or do you eat ‘diet food’ for breakfast?  

Or do you buy smoothies at the store and drink those?

Or perhaps you buy specific ‘weight loss smoothies’?

Today I want to encourage you to make your own smoothies rather than buying them, and I’m going to give you 5 reasons why most ‘weight loss smoothies’ and store bought smoothies actually cause weight gain and are best avoided.

5 Ways Weight Loss Smoothies Cause Weight Gain

  1. They don’t contain whole foods containing fibre which help to fill you up and prevent hunger pangs.  
  2. All of the nutrients are boiled away during pasteurization. Your brain sends signals to your body when you have had enough nutrients, and your body will keep eating if it doesn’t get enough nutrients. Any store bought smoothies are usually pasteurized so your body will keep feeling hungry while drinking these smoothies.
  3. They don’t contain leafy greens. Leafy greens are full of an abundance of nutrients that help you lose weight, they suppress your appetite naturally, and they are also full of fibre and are very low in calories so there is room for even more nutritious food in your smoothie.
  4. They don’t contain protein. There has been a lot of research that has found that eating protein in every meal helps you to feel full for longer and helps you to lose weight.
  5. This might come as a surprise, but they don’t contain enough calories. When you drink a weight loss smoothie for your breakfast and it only contains about 100 calories, you are going to be hungry very soon after and reaching for something else to eat. If you make your smoothies around 300-400 calories, they actually fill you up, and you are not craving any more food. All you need to do is drink 2 smoothies a day and a healthy meal and you will consistently lose weight.

Taking these problems into consideration, I was able to design the perfect homemade smoothie that:

  • Contains whole foods
  • Is chock full of nutrients
  • Contains leafy greens
  • Contains protein
  • Has exactly the right number of calories

I called this smoothie, The Green Thickie, because it is a thick, filling complete meal smoothie designed specifically for weight loss.

The best thing is, it’s the most delicious smoothie you will ever taste.

And it only takes 2 minutes.

Can you spare 2 minutes a day to lose weight without ever feeling deprived?

I would like to invite you to try my Green Thickies completely free.

I have a free cleanse for you to download containing 7 of my most delicious recipes.

Many people drop a dress size during this 7 day cleanse.

How will you feel this time next week if you are one dress size smaller?

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