Should I Avoid Smoothies That Are High In Sugar And Fat?

Should I Avoid Smoothies That Are High In Sugar And Fat?

Should we be keeping our smoothies fat free and sugar free to lose weight?

I received this email and I thought I would share my response with you in the hope that it will help you if you’re worried about the fat and sugar content in smoothies.

“Good morning Katherine!

First of all I have always been a huge fan of green smoothies, I love them! I am currently a weight watchers member and the program have worked well for me over the past two years since I have joined, I lost a total of 20 pounds. However, I got married in September and put on 9 pounds on our Honeymoon! I have been struggling to take that off. My weight fluctuates so much during the week and I think I may be consuming too much sodium and highly processed foods over the weekend. The past 7 days have been very unhealthy for me. My husband and I were eating out a lot as well as having cocktails at night. So at this point I feel I am in need of a detox. I purchased the 7 day program, I am just concerned about all of the dates, almonds, and other sugary/fatty ingredients included. I understand they are filling and delicious! But they are high in points according to my weight watchers plan. I ultimately want to be healthier but right now I really want to see the number on the scale go DOWN. I would really appreciate hearing back from you…”

Here is my response:

I do understand because I was in exactly the same position as you. I used faddy diets and points based systems to lose weight for my wedding and then gained over 50 pounds in the next few months, gaining 7 pounds on my honeymoon. My health also really suffered and I realised it was a lot of the processed foods that were affecting my health.

The problem with some faddy diet companies is they focus on weight loss to the exclusion of health. They tell you that you have to eat low fat foods etc. but the truth is we need to eat healthy fats in our diet or we get severe health problems. So the fats from nuts and seeds, coconuts etc. are really good for your body.  

And as long as the calories you eat are less than you burn you will lose weight.

The 7 day diet plan is specifically designed for healthy weight loss. It is calorie counted so you will definitely lose weight.

The healthy fats help you feel full and satisfied and give you more energy.

I am not a fan of either low fat or high fat diets, but I do like the fat to be at a healthy level and the food sources to be healthy natural ones.

Eating this way helps many people lose weight and feel pretty amazing in the process.

I encourage you to give it a go and put your points aside for the week and see how you feel at the end of the week.

You can always go back to using points but it sounds like you are seeking something different, as deep down you know the processed foods are not working for your body, and they are stopping you from losing the weight.

It’s hard to use 2 different systems together so if you can, try and forget about the points, move towards looking at calories but first and foremost make sure the food source is a healthy one – that’s the most important thing when it comes to healthy weight loss.

Have you moved away from a points based system? What was your experience of it?

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Katherine ‘proven results… not points’

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