A day in the life with essential oils

You’ve been asking me to share exactly how I use my essential oils every day to keep my mood positive and my energy levels high. I give you all the details!

I finished the Petrochemical Weight Loss Challenge – with an unexpected result!

Here’s the long awaited update from the petrochemical weight loss protocol using Young Living essential oils. I show you my before and after photos and share my unexpected results with you.

Anti Cellulite Smoothing Whipped Body Butter

This light and fluffy anti-cellulite body butter smells divine and actually works! You’ll have smoother legs in no time!

6 Essential Oils To SuperCharge Your Oil Pulling

So you’ve mastered oil pulling and you want to take it to a whole new healthy level? Here are 6 Essential Oils To Supercharge Your Oils Pulling

Uplifting Lotion Recipe

My hands are very prone to dryness so every time I wash them I put this upfliting lotion on and my hands are feeling less and less dry every day. As a bonus, I’m also getting happier every day!