The Deadly Ingredient Lurking In Your Herbal Tea

The Deadly Ingredient Lurking In Your Herbal Tea

Did you know there are some scary ingredients lurking in our health foods?

Generally people drink herbal tea and other health products because they are trying to be healthy.

So it’s pretty deceptive that all sorts of nasty ingredients are lurking in there without us knowing about it.

And what makes it worse is that you wouldn’t even know about it by reading the label.

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Yes they are that well hidden!

Watch today’s video to find out how to identify these nasty ingredients and make sure your health products don’t contains any of these deadly ingredients.

Today I am sharing the deadly ingredient that is lurking in your herbal tea.

Now there are four main problems with herbal teas that have one ingredient in them.

Herbal teas are often fruit based teas and my favourite tea of all time was (because I’ve stopped drinking it now) an orange and lotus flower green tea by Twinings.

And this tea has a very very worrying ingredient in and it is natural flavourings, or natural flavour.

Now, that doesn’t sound so bad does it? Natural, if it’s natural then it must be good for us? Unfortunately not!

The words “natural flavouring” is something to be very very aware of.

There are four problems with the word natural flavour.

Now the FDA has said that the rules governing food are that you can write natural flavouring on the side of any food and as long as it has something that has once been derived from something natural, then it’s perfectly fine, you can keep that ingredient there.

Problem number one is that, unfortunately it’s not just one ingredient with the words ‘natural flavour’. That is, it could literally be hundreds and hundreds of chemicals in those two words, natural flavour!

As we know, chemicals are really bad for us and we certainly don’t want them in something like a herbal tea that we’re drinking because we’re trying to be healthy, and we’re trying to avoid sodas and cokes and all that kind of stuff.

So we want to avoid all these chemicals, they’re all nasty, horrible chemicals, and the reason why they’re there is often to get us addicted to their products, so that we consume more of it and we buy more of it and therefore they make the profit.

Natural flavourings make the food tasty, sweet or it makes it appear like we’re consuming like a nice orange flavour but actually if it was orange, if it was orange oil, it would say orange oil, it wouldn’t say natural flavour in it.

So we’ve got to be very very aware that it’s got all these chemicals in that are very very addictive.

Problem number two with these chemicals, is that they can come from any source.

It could come from animals; so say if you’re a vegetarian or a vegan and you’re trying to avoid animal products, then the word natural flavourings it can actually come from animals and maybe not even healthy animals at that. It can come from any sick animal and you really don’t know what’s in it.

Problem number three is that it can contain gluten.

Now I’ve been diagnosed with celiac disease quite recently and this would be a big problem for anybody who can’t tolerate gluten or who wants to avoid gluten.

And hopefully that’s you because I don’t believe gluten is healthy for anybody!

So this word natural flavourings can also include gluten unfortunately and you would have no way of knowing that.

For example this maple flavour or maple flavouring, instead of using maple syrup I actually bought this on the ketogenic diet which I’m no longer on, trying to avoid healthier sugars like maple syrup (which now I think there’s nothing wrong with that at all). Buying things like this because they’re lower in carb and it has only three ingredients; glycerine, water, natural flavours.

Then underneath it says “contains soy”. So where does the soy come from? That’s not listed.

So the soy must be in the natural flavours, so goodness knows what else is in there, I mean it could be anything.

It could be anything in that natural flavour, which is just not natural at all.

Problem number 4 with natural flavour, and the most worrying, is that it’s often MSGs.

Now what’s the problem with MSGs?

Well, we all know, or some of us might know, that these cause massive amounts of health problems like neurodegenerative diseases.

If you get migraines or neurological problems then this can be because you’re consuming MSGs.

You might be trying to avoid them, you might not even know that you’re actually eating them because you’re eating all these packaged foods that contain these natural flavours.

It has been shown in tests that MSGs actually cause obesity because it triples the amount of insulin in your pancreas.

And MSGs are very very addictive! And because they’re so addictive they’re obviously creating profits for companies because we’re buying more of this addictive food.

Because once you pop you can’t stop, you know when you open up that bag of chips or whatever it is, and it’s got MSGs, you have to eat the whole lot even if you’re hungry, even if you didn’t want them, you just keep eating them, and that’s the problem with these processed foods.

They contain these hidden MSGs and this is a really big problem that has been adding more and more and more to foods so that they can make more and more and more profit.

Now I’ve got here a list of other foods that often contain MSGs, and this is not exclusive, there are many more ingredients, but these are some of the most common ones that I’ve noticed on the back of my healthy processed foods that I have bought lately, or looked at in the stores and decided not to have.

So if you see any of these ingredients, these might also contain MSGs.

Carrageenan, this is an ingredient that’s often in almond milk which is an ingredient that you might buy if you’re trying to be healthy. And if you see this, sometimes it’s in cheeses or vegan cheeses and things like that. And it has been shown that it’s very very bad for your health whether it’s got MSGs in it or not.

If anything containing stock or broth often has MSGs, maltodextrin, citric acid, barley malt, pectin, enzymes, soy sauce, from anything fermented that says fermented on the packet, seasonings, corn starch, corn syrup, dextrose, rice syrup, anything that’s labelled low-fat or no fat often has MSGs in to make it tasty because MSGs increase the taste, and anything that says enriched or enriched flavours.

So often you’ll see this in bread, it’ll say enriched with x, y, and z, and you’ll think that sounds really healthy, it’s enriched with all these vitamins and minerals but often there are MSGs in bread as well which is why we can’t stop eating bread.

So I hope that has helped you to see how you can get rid of some of the MSGs.

And I just did a big clear-out of my cupboard and I’ve read this information years ago and I don’t know why I keep forgetting this information but I went through my cupboards recently after being reminded and cleared out some of my nice teas that I like (there was Tetley), some seasonings and Stur that I started using in my Green Thickies that I wish I hadn’t because it’s got artificial flavourings, but I hardly ever used it, so no big deal, I stopped using it now.

Anything that’s kind of flavoured with fruit flavours and you think, if you put the fruit in it it probably wouldn’t taste that strong, that’s got to be a warning sign really that it’s probably got these natural flavours and it’s not from fruit, it’s from something artificial and it’s full of chemicals so you really really don’t need it in your body.

So I would encourage you to, I mean if you possibly can, just to eat real food. Food that’s only got one ingredient on the packet, or better yet it’s not in a packet at all, you can just see, it’s fruit, it’s vegetables, you can see exactly what it is.

Usually when they start mixing ingredients together that’s when you’ll find these natural flavours and foods that people make a lot of profit on.

So if you can, just make all your own food from scratch.

Otherwise you will be scanning the back of every single packet and shopping is going to take a very long time.

Some people say ignorance is bliss, but they might say that until they can’t move with a health problem or until they get some horrendous disease later in life or even earlier on in life.

So I really do encourage you to take your health into your own hands and just don’t say ignorance is bliss. Be informed, be educated and do your research, because it’s for your own health.

So that’s MSGs for you, and if you want to see the natural, unprocessed diet that I follow and that thousands of others are following, it is called The Leaf System and you can get one month worth of free meal plans this month if you go to this link and you can get it from there.

And if you would like to tell other people about the dangers of MSGs and natural flavours, then please share this video, like this video, comment on this video, and subscribe to my YouTube channel.

And I will see you very very shortly.

Take care.

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