Diets Don’t Work, Or Do They?

Diets Don't Work, Or Do They?

This is a phrase that seems to be thrown around by all the experts today…

Diet’s don’t work!

What exactly do they mean?

What most of them are trying to say is that sticking to a rigid diet doesn’t help most people to lose weight, keep it off and get healthy.

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But this is not a phrase that I ever say.


Because I believe that diets can and do work.

What matters is not that people are following a diet, but the quality of the food they are eating on that diet.

Yes it’s true, most diets are faddy, unhealthy and involve buying a lot of processed packaged expensive foods that contain all manner of nasty additives.  

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And I agree – avoid those unhealthy faddy diets like the plague.

But let’s not lump all diets into the same pile shall we?

It goes without saying by now that I believe the healthiest thing for us to do is to eat healthy whole food and prepare recipes from scratch – not consume products with long ingredients lists.  

But there are such a thing as healthy diet plans.

Me personally – I LOVE following diets.

I’m not sure about you, but left to my own devices, I am looking around my kitchen cupboards for inspiration, and no doubt I’ll end up making something pretty unhealthy, like baked beans on toast (UK baked beans come in a sugar sauce from a can), and it’ll likely not contain any vegetables whatsoever.

It just doesn’t cross my mind if I want something quick and simple.

Or worse yet, we look around our kitchen and realise we have nothing in to eat at all, so we end up getting a takeaway, and that’s one of the worst things we can do in terms of our health.

I don’t have a great memory.  I don’t remember delicious healthy recipes off the top of my head.

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And even if I did – most probably I haven’t remembered to buy the ingredients needed for it.

I am no chef – I can’t just whip up something that tastes nice, is good for my waistline, and is full of nutrients off the top of my head.

That’s because I haven’t planned it – I didn’t’ get organised.  

If we don’t plan something healthy, let’s be honest with ourselves – will it actually happen?

Probably not unless you have one signature meal that you make all the time and know off by heart.

But that old recipe can get pretty… well… old… very quickly.

So this is one of the reasons why I love diets.  

And many more reasons.  Here are 10 of the reasons I adore healthy diets:

  1. They save my time wondering what to eat
  2. They save me money because I don’t waste ingredients.  I plan what I make and I eat it.
  3. They save confusion.  My family can look on the board to see what’s for dinner
  4. The whole family can eat the same food from a healthy ‘diet’ plan
  5. I know exactly what ingredients I am using and that they are all healthy
  6. Somebody has already done the hard work for me finding delicious meals
  7. Meals are tried and tested so I know they are going to work
  8. I can plan a balanced week of meals knowing I’m getting the variety of foods that I (and my family) needs and wants
  9. I feel great about myself because I am organised and set myself up for success
  10. The calories may be calculated so it’s much easier to lose weight.  This is a bonus if the diet has already got the calories calculated for you

So here’s the thing – I love love love following healthy calorie controlled diets, but there weren’t any out there that met all my healthy criteria.  They always had questionable ingredients in them, or contained a lot of foods that have a lot of known allergens.  And certainly none of them had complete meal green smoothies (Green Thickies) as a breakfast option!  

Another thing I couldn’t find with the healthy diets was a calorie controlled plan – because who wants to follow a healthy diet and end up gaining weight?

Not me, and probably not you either.  

So what’s a diet loving, green smoothie obsessed, watching my weight, health loving foodie to do if nothing already existed?

I created my own!

Now I have worked with Green Thickies nutritionist Brooke to develop 12 months worth of these healthy and delicious meal plans. And they have been a massive success.  

I don’t tell people that I’m ‘on’ a diet.  But I do follow a particular diet plan, and not just this week – but every week.  It’s my diet for life!

If you are a fan of healthy diets, I invite you to start with my FREE Lean Green Smoothie Challenge and see just how much weight you lose in just 1 week.  Also notice how much better you are feeling too.  

Get started here.

Have a healthy day

Talk soon,


Katherine ‘diet for life’ Kyle




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