Healthy Green Smoothies: 10 reasons why you should be drinking Green Thickies

10 Reasons to Turn Your Green Smoothie into a complete meal

Green Thickies are the new health craze.   This is the first healthy green smoothie to include all elements of a typical healthy meal which truly make them a complete meal in a glass.  Not only do you get your full range of nutrients but they taste absolutely delicious.  They will give you an amazing burst of energy first thing in the morning, and help you lose weight.

There are so many reasons for drinking green thickies but I’m going to focus on the benefits of having a compete meal in a glass.

1:Saves time preparing meals.  Whizz everything up quickly in a blender.  (I recommend this one) Don’t worry about taste combinations, cooking or presentation or food combinations.

2: Get at least one healthy meal a day: Ensure you and your whole family get at least one full healthy balanced meal.  Do you worry that your children or your partner don’t eat their greens and just want to eat junk?  They will love these healthy green smoothies and you can relax knowing they’ve had at least one meal with all the essential healthy food elements in.

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3:Saves time eating your meal.  Some mornings you just don’t feel in the mood for sitting and chewing your way through dried food.  These smooth green thickies will slide easily down your throat when you don’t have much of an appetite.

4: Multitask. Get on with other jobs such as working on your computer, or walking to work or school at the same time as drinking your meal.  Great for kids when there is no time for breakfast.

5: Sneak the healthy stuff in. Add any ingredients you like without changing much of the taste.  You can hide pretty much any healthy food in a green thickie.  Foods that children won’t eat on their own, they’ll happily consume in a green thickie.

6: An easy way to eat your greens.  Sometimes it’s hard to eat as many leafy greens as we actually need.  We can only chew so much in one meal and we often have such small side salads that aren’t really big enough for our nutritional requirements.  We can add heaps of greens into this healthy green smoothie without giving us jaw ache.

7: Prepare in advance. You can make a batch of these smoothies up the day before and either store them in the freezer or fridge. If you have more time in the evening, make up a blender full of green thickie for the next day and you have your breakfast already made for you.  All you need to do it take it out of the fridge.  Add it to plastic beakers to be taken out of the house for a great grab and go complete meal in a glass.

8: They taste amazing.  You will really look forward to enjoying this green thickie as they just simply taste so good.

9: Save your teeth.  Sometimes food can get stuck in your teeth causing tooth decay, but as this meal is all blended, when you clean your teeth you can be sure nothing is stuck in your teeth causing you later problems.

10: Easier to digest.  Blended food is much easier to digest which frees up more energy in your body making you feel like you’ve got more get up and go.

So what are you waiting for, get up and get yourself your own Green Thickie now.

If you would like to try a Green Thickie, why not start with the Basic Green Thickie?  This is a base you can use to tweak and add your own flavours to.  

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10 Reasons to turn your green smoothie into a complete meal 


  1. Thank you for this! You convinced me to try out green smoothies for the first time and now I’m addicted! I’ve been having them every day since I first tried them… Before I was too nervous it would taste weird and the colour put me off a bit but they taste delicious!!! And love the speed of my brekkies now – sooo quick and easy :D

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