Why You Should Forget About Weight Loss When You First Go On A New Diet

Why you should forget about weight loss when you first go on a new diet 1We all know that the number one reason most people start a new diet is to lose weight.

But most people fail to stick to a new diet even for just 1 week.  

In today’s video I explain the reasons why people struggle with new diets and why you need to shift your focus when you first start a new diet.  

Doing this will ensure you have long term success AND lose the weight you want to lose.

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Hi, Katherine Kyle here from GreenThickies.com and today I am talking about something a bit counterintuitive, why you should forget about losing weight when you first start a new diet.

I just wanted to show you my new necklace.

I don’t know whether you can see it, whether or not the camera will zoom in, but this necklace is actually a magnetic necklace and it’s made from recycled car parts, believe it or not.

It’s pretty amazing and it comes with these little magnets, they come out and there’s a lovely message in there that says, “You are awesome.” And there’s three interchangeable magnets that you can put in there.

This one is a lovely dragonfly, which I love.

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This is a funny story about this necklace actually.

My friend Stephanie from goodgirlgonegreen.com, she sent me this.

She posted it all the way from Canada and I thought it was absolutely beautiful, and I was literally moving house, it was the day before I moved house.

So this necklace unfortunately got put into a box, and I moved house, and I forgot to get it back out of the box again.

I don’t really wear jewellery that often to be honest, so I kind of, I never go really looking for jewellery.

Recently I’ve been getting into healthy stuff and I’ve really, I got reminded about magnetic therapy and how good magnets are for your health.

I’ll do a whole new video about this some other time, but I was thinking to myself, and I had been spending so much money on supplements and things getting well recently.

There’s just so much else I wanted to buy and I was thinking, I just can’t keep spending all this money, and I was thinking, I really want a magnetic bracelet or a necklace.

I really, really want one, and then today I just looked in the drawer and looked in my little bag there it’s got a box inside.

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Then I found it and I looked at it, I thought it was really nice, that’s a nice necklace, and then I pulled it out and I thought, that is magnetic as well, that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting and it’s been sitting there this whole time.

I am really, really happy about that.

I’m not sure if she sells it, I’ll find out whether she sells them or where you can get these from, but I thought these were amazing.

The fact that they’re eco-friendly as well is so good.

So, back onto the subject of today.

Why I believe that we should not be worrying about losing weight when we first start a new diet.

Now, this is counterintuitive, because most people actually go on a new diet so that they can lose weight.

This causes me a little bit of a problem, because I, I mean I have done it myself to be honest, when I was younger, I did all of the faddy diets out there, and most of the time I never really needed to lose that much weight anyway.

Probably just, you know, you gain a few pounds, you need to lose that few pounds.

I was always fit.

Maybe like 10 pounds and I just need to get back.

So I’d go on a faddy diet and lose that weight that I had gained.

I do understand why people do it, but in the day and age that we live in, most people are really, really sick and most people have so many health problems, that you know, the weight gain is just like another health problem, it’s just like a side effect of the health problem, a side effect of the food and the hectic lifestyles that they’re leading and the chemicals in the food, and the hormones and causing them, you know, sugar, blood sugar levels all over the place and diabetes and all of those kind of things are causing the weight gain, or the weight gain is a symptom of this problem.

To me, in my mind, our number one priority should be our health, not losing weight just for vanity reasons.

I do get it, you know, I’m a woman, everybody wants to look nice, and sometimes when you wake up in the morning and you look in the mirror, and your first thought is ugh, you know, “If only I could be slim. If only I could lose that 10 pounds, that 50 pounds, that 100 pounds, then I would be happy with what I see in the mirror.” But sometimes it needs to start the other way around and sometimes you need to start from within your body and think, “How can I feel happy with myself and what I’m doing?”

What you need to do is heal from the inside out.

Heal your health.

As a process of healing your health, the side effect will be weight loss.

This is what’s happened for me most of the times I have lost weight.

Is because I have, the reason why I’ve put on that weight in the first place is because I was neglecting my health, is because I was eating too much chocolate, too much junk food and not taking time out, not connecting with myself and really really feeling like I’m taking care of myself.

To me, when we go on a diet, it shouldn’t be about outside in, it should be about inside out.

It should be about, I want to go on a different diet.

I want to change what I’m eating.

Not a faddy diet, but a healthy diet.

I want to change what I’m eating so that I can feel good from the inside out, and therefore I will naturally lose the weight.

Of course I only recommend healthy diets.

I don’t recommend any faddy diets anymore, I recommend diets that are based on whole foods, natural ingredients, sourced from places like, organic sources.

If you’re eating meat, source them from places with pasteurised, organic animals.

Not factory farming animal products.

Eggs that have come from free range, pasteurised hens.

Just be very very mindful of what you’re eating.

Make sure that you’re eating organic berries and leafy greens and that kind of thing.

Once you start to eat food like this, that it comes from a really natural source and everything’s made from scratch, then you will start to feel healthier.

A natural side effect of switching your food is definitely weight loss.

It almost always happens, that when you stop eating the processed foods and you start eating the natural foods, that you will lose weight.

The problem is, that the motive that people have for switching their diet, is purely weight loss.

They are so fixated on losing weight.

Now, now, now, you know, this first week.

That they don’t give their body time to adjust to that new diet.

For example, in my meal plan, that’s planned the leaf system.

Those meal plans, they’re gluten free, they’re dairy free, they’re refined sugar free.

They have got no processed in them whatsoever, no chemicals.

No nasties, whatsoever and half of them are grain free.

When you start eating a diet like the leaf system, which is so so healthy and it’s so different to what you’ve been eating before that, then what happens is your body goes into a little bit of shock, because it needs to, well, first of all what happens is you start to detox.

Because your body thinks, finally you’re not pumping all this junk food into my body, I can release some of the toxins.

What ends up happening is you might actually feel worse before you feel better.

I do have, I’ve got a new video, for members I’ve got a video that explains how to avoid detox symptoms.

But your body starts to detox and you start to actually feel worse before you feel better.

Because people are so fixated on weight loss, all they can think about is, I feel dreadful, where is the weight loss, get on the scales, is it worth it, is it working?

But what you actually need to realise is it’s not about the weight loss in the first week, even the first month.

It’s about adjusting your body to this new diet.

Easing yourself into it gradually.

Maybe switching your breakfast and then switch your lunch and then switch your dinner.

Maybe not changing everything all at once, so your body doesn’t go into shock.

Cut down the amount of sugar, cut down the amount of coffee that you’re drinking.

Gradually, down and down and down so that you’re not consuming anything.

Then your body won’t go into such a shock.

Because what happens is, if you’ve been eating so much sugar and it’s in everything.

If you’re eating processed foods, you won’t be able to avoid it.

If you’re eating all this sugar and then all of a sudden you stop, your body will start screaming at you, “I’m starving, please feed me, feed me.”

You’ll start feeling weak and shaky, and it’s really not a nice feeling at all.

You’ll feel hungry.

What happens is, the natural meal plan that you’ve started following, it won’t fill you up, you will feel starving all the time, because your body has not got a chance to get used to this food. It is detoxing all the sugar out.

This is what I suggest people do, and this is what I do myself and it really, really works.

Is first of all, don’t worry about weight loss in the first week or even the first month and it will happen.

For most people, you still will lose weight in the first week, you still will lose weight in the first month, but don’t make it a priority.

Don’t even get on the scales.

What I suggest you do is just eat as much food as you want from those meal plans.

Say, for example, you’re drinking a smoothie and you’ve had your complete meal.

It’s a good amount of calories, it’s maybe 400, 500 calories and it’s all healthy ingredients.

It’s got your protein in and you should, you know, most people would feel full if they drank that smoothie like I do now.

But what happens is, because you’ve got all this sugar that’s coming out of your system, you drink that smoothie and you still feel hungry.

You think, “I’m so starving, I could just drink another one of these.”

What I suggest you do is just drink another one.

Have another one.

Have double meals and that sounds absolutely counterintuitive, but believe me, it does work.

Because you’re not feeling hungry, you’re giving your body as much calories, you’re giving your body loads of protein, loads of healthy fats, and your body can stop going into shock mode and it really helps to stop those detox symptoms in their tracks.

At least you’re not gonna be feeling weak and shaky and hungry.

It might only take one or two days of eating maybe even double of the calories that you might normally eat, but it’s all healthy ingredients, and then your body thinks, “Wow, I’m finally being nourished.

I’ve had all of these nutrients being flooded into my body and now I can finally let go, I can finally start releasing the weight.” And it does, your weight just starts falling off, and you find very very quickly, you just don’t feel hungry anymore, you’ve got used to the new food, but it does take a little bit of time.

Just don’t put that pressure on yourself.

When you first start the new diet or the leaf system, just don’t put pressure on yourself to stick to it exactly.

Just ease into it gradually and then just eat as much as you want to feel full.

Even if you have to have two dinners a day.

It doesn’t matter.

Your body will regulate itself, I promise you.

It happens to me every single time I switch out my diet for a healthy one.

It will get easier, I promise.

If you would like to get a month’s worth of these healthy meal plans and begin your journey into healthy weight loss, then you can go to GreenThickies.com/leafsystem and get started.

They’re completely free, you can download it and get started today and they are absolutely delicious and they are quick, simple meal plans.

We’ve had so many testimonials from people, who it’s absolutely changed their life and I know it can work for you as well.

Come into our Facebook group and let us know how it’s going for you.

Please follow me on YouTube, like this video, share this video, let’s get the word out, that it’s not about starvation and we don’t need to punish our bodies and force it into these diets that make us starving hungry all the time.

It’s about eating the food that we naturally need and getting the nutrients into our body.

Let me know how it goes for you and take care and see you soon, bye.

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