How I Gained Over 40 Pounds With Weekend “Cheat Days” (And What I Did About It)

How I Gained Over 40 Pounds With Weekend Cheat DaysI’m really ashamed to admit this but…. I became overweight

You may have read about how I lost 56 pounds, became pregnant, put the weight back on again and then lost it again. (If you didn’t see that email click here to catch it)

So I had an amazing and inspiring story that I knew would help so many people.

I had achieved something pretty spectacular and built my website on the back of my story.

One of the main reasons I was so motivated to lose weight was because I was also recovering from debilitating health problems at the same time.  

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When I had my baby, I wanted to get more nutrients into my body as I was nursing her and I needed her to have nutritious food.

I also needed the energy to look after her.

Fast forward a few years….

I had another baby, a little boy and the same pattern happened again.

I put on weight, became ill, managed to recover and lose the weight a third time. (that’s a story for another day)

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I was feeling so good – so healthy that I actually felt invincible!  

It seemed as if it didn’t matter what I ate.

I remained perfectly healthy, my immune system was stronger than it had ever been, I had no allergies, my digestion was very strong, and no food was causing me any negative symptoms at all. (even junk food)

This is the first time in my life that this had happened, and to tell you the truth I was loving it.

I was able to eat what I wanted and have no stomach aches, no hangovers after a glass of wine, no itchy scratchy skin after eating dairy.  

And I was loving every minute of it.

So I decided to let myself enjoy it.

I let myself eat more junk food, eat more of the things that I loved.  

I still ate healthy during the day but in the evenings I let myself go and didn’t put any restrictions around my eating.

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I was definitely bingeing, and also emotional eating, using every reason under the sun to eat.  

I was happy, I ate. I was sad, I ate. I was bored, I ate.  

Are you like this too?

Can you guess what happened next?  

Of course…

I gained weight.  

I would say I probably gained about 40 pounds and that took me well into the overweight category.  

And although I was feeling good about my health, I was not feeling good about the way I looked.

It was new to me, it was the first time I had ever been overweight and not sick.

A strange place for me to be at.  

I carried on enjoying myself like this for a year and a half.  

Until finally something happened that made me feel so ashamed that I absolutely had to do something about it.

It made a HUGE difference but it’s a long story and I can’t wait to tell you about it over the next 5 days…

Tomorrow I’ll share with you what my turning point was this time.

But at the same time – I don’t want to make you wait longer than you have to for the solution.  

So if you’re really curious right now, I can give you a sneak peak to a quiz that changed everything for me…

I’ll explain more tomorrow, but if you’re really eager to lose weight now or stop eating emotionally take this quiz and find out why you struggle with this, I think you’ll be SHOCKED, like I was at the answer. It was not what I was expecting.


I will share more tomorrow about what really made me wake up and take action!

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