Join This Brand New 7 Day Meal Replacement Green Smoothie Challenge

This green smoothie challenge is different from any other challenge out there because I provide you with meal replacement smoothies to ensure your success.  These smoothies are delicious, filling and will stop hunger pangs and cravings in their tracks.  These healthy homemade shakes are specifically designed for weight loss and we get proven results FAST in this FREE challenge. 

Join This Brand New 7 Day Meal Replacement Green Smoothie Challenge


Green Thickies 7 day Green Smoothie Challenge

I’m so excited today as I’m officially inviting you to take part my popular 7 day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.  This will involve replacing at least one of your meals with a filling, meal replacement green smoothie (Green Thickie).

What is a Green Thickie?

Take the Green Thickies 7 day meal replacement green smoothie challenge nowA Green Thickie is a healthy meal replacement smoothie containing fruit, leafy greens, seeds or nuts and some healthy carbs such as oats or quinoa.  This smoothie contains all the nutrients your body needs for amazing energy and a complete detox.  The best thing about Green Thickies is that they taste delicious.  If this is your first time here you can read my story and find out more about Green Thickies here. 

** Please note that this post may contain affiliate links which means that I can receive a small payment if you make a purchase through my links.

* * Disclaimer* *

All information given on this website is my opinion and you should check with your doctor first before changing your diet or exercise program.

What does the Green Thickie challenge involve?

LEAN GREEN SMOOTHIE CHALLENGETo participate in this challenge you need to replace at least one of your meals with a Green Thickie for 7 days.  You can replace breakfast, lunch or all your meals with green thickies for maximum benefit on this challenge.

Green Thickies are very satisfying and they should keep you going until your next meal. We all have different energy requirements and we all need to eat different food.  I believe listening to your own hunger signals while eating a healthy balanced meal replacement smoothie will help you tune in to exactly the right amount to eat for your body. If you are craving something, you can snack on one piece of fruit and your cravings will be dramatically reduced.

The number of calories in each Green Thickie will suit most women, but if you have higher calorie needs, you may need additional fruit snacks.  You can calculate how many calories your body needs for weight loss here

Why should I take the Green Thickies challenge?

If you are already a fan of green smoothies, you won’t need me to tell you how good they are for your health.  If you’ve never had a green smoothie before you can read the benefits here.  A green thickie is a filling meal replacement green smoothie.  Here are some great reasons why you should take this challenge:

  • It will save you time preparing your meal, just whizz up a Green Thickie in 2 minutes instead.
  • Your body will have a rest (detox) from the food you normally eat
  • Your meals will be jammed packed full of nutrients
  • It will  help you lose some weight

My Green Thickie challenge results

I got amazing results on the 7 day meal replacement Green Smoothie Challenge. Now you can tooI took the Green Thickies challenge myself recently with some fantastic results. I drank nothing but Green Thickies for 7 days and didn’t get any cravings at all.  I lost 5 pounds, dropped down a dress size and my digestion totally cleared up.  You can read all about my experiences with the challenge plus see what I ate for the whole challenge in my mid week results and my end of week results.

When can I start?

Although we do some live challenges together, at the moment you can join the challenge and start whenever you are ready.  When you sign up you’ll be given a few days before the challenge emails start.  You can decide what recipes you’re going to try, buy some fruit and leave it to ripen. You can freeze some bags of chopped ripe bananas to make your smoothies nice and cold and get some ice in your freezer.

When you start your challenge, I will be here to support you and you will really motivate other people who have yet to start out. Some people have actually already started a Green Thickie challenge the moment I shared my experiences with my challenge and they have had amazing results which I will share below.

Where can I find the recipes?

All of the challenge recipes will be provided to you via email.  If you want to find out a bit more before you sign up, you can find out how to make your perfect Green Thickie recipe here.  Do you want to try a Green Thickie?  This basic Green Thickie Recipeis the perfect starting point.

What equipment do I need?

You just need a blender, probably a chopping board and knife and a culinder, bowl or salad spinner so you can wash your greens if needed. You can use any type of blender for this challenge.  I use a Vitamix and I get beautifully smooth Green Thickies, but you can use whatever type of blender you have or can afford. 

For other blender options, click here to read my 10 best blenders for all budgets. 

The 7 day meal replacement green smoothie challenge is about to start. Visit to sign up How many Green Thickies should I drink a day?

Just choose 1-2 servings (each recipe makes 2 servings) of a Green Thickie for each meal you have.  

If you make a full recipe (1-2 servings) then you’ll have enough in case you are hungry enough for 2 portions.  If you don’t manage to drink it all, you can have it for your next meal.   I usually make a batch of green thickie for the next day so too so that I can have my breakfast as soon as I’m hungry without having to wait.  It also has the benefit of cooling the smoothie down in the fridge.

Will I lose weight on this challenge?

Katherine Natalia Before-After-Weight-Loss on the Green Smoothie DietIf you have excess weight to lose and drink green thickies for all your meals, you will almost certainly lose some weight.  If you replace just one of your meals or two of your meals with a green thickie, you may not lose weight as it completely depends on what you eat for your other meals. 

When you eat solid food, it’s easier to overeat, so for maximum weight loss success, I’d suggest replacing all your meals with green thickies.

Will I detox on the Green Thickie challenge?

When you give your body a rest from the foods you normally eat, it will detox and expel some toxins out of your body.  This is a good thing as it will clean out your body leaving you less prone to illness and disease. 

It’s good to have regular detoxes throughout the year.  Some people don’t get any detox symptoms and others can suffer a lot more with detoxing (healing crisis). 

I started to experience detox symptoms a good few days into the challenge.  I felt more tired than normal, had a runny nose and my head felt a bit cloudy.  I recognized the detox symptoms from previous detoxes I’ve gone through so I knew it was nothing to worry about.  I still managed to cope with my normal activities but I was just looking forward to getting to bed a bit earlier.

Your detox will be unique to you.  If you start to experience symptoms that you’re not coping with, you can eat more solid foods and less Green Thickies, for example, you could just drink a Green Thickie for your breakfast instead of all your meals.

The moment I started eating my normal food again my detox symptoms stopped.  Most people can cope fine with detoxing but some people don’t.  If you have to stop your challenge early, don’t worry you can always try a milder version of it at a later date.

Share your recipes and story

Share your Green Thickie recipes and challenge testimonials on GreenThickies.comI would love to hear how you are doing with the challenge.  If you create a green thickie recipe that you think others would like then I’d love to have it.

I would also love to hear your story of your Green Thickie challenge and it will greatly motivate others who may do the challenge at a later date.

You can email your photos and stories to or you can reply to any of the emails you get during the challenge. 

How can I track my calories, carbs, fat and protein?

I want to clarify that during this challenge I ate when I was hungry and stopped when I was full.  I monitored how many calories I had consumed at the end of the day just out of interest.  I didn’t plan on trying to limit my calories in any way and I wouldn’t want to recommend you do that either, unless you have the willpower of steel. 

If you are interested in your calories, carbs, fats and proteins you can either log them on Cronometer or My Fitness Pal

I personally find cronometer easier to use and I like the way you can select cups and tablespoons as your measures as that’s how I measure my food. 

In My Fitness Pal, some weighing might be required to find the calories of your foods.  Also my fitness pal will give you a calorie goal for the day (it was far too low for me) and there is a great community on there who will support you with your goals if you make some friends.  Just beware of the forums, you can get some negative feedback there if you’re unlucky.

Should I do any exercise on the challenge?

Exercise is always beneficial and pretty much essential for optimum health so I would recommend you follow an exercise plan all the time. 

However, you will just have to see how you feel on the challenge to decide whether exercise is right for you. 

You will probably start off very energized so it’s worth taking advantage of that and doing some exercise.  If you start to feel tired (and you’ve been eating enough) then you’re probably detoxing and you may prefer to do some gentle exercise or have a complete break.  Just listen to your own body.

If you do some exercise you’ll have burned off more calories and therefore you’ll need to eat even more to avoid going hungry.  You need to make sure you can sustain yourself throughout a workout so make sure you get enough calories.

Water is a key part of the challenge

Water is absolutely essential to your success not only in this challenge but for complete health.  Your body has to have water to function well.  I’m talking about plain water, not flavored, not in a tea or a coffee or a juice.  Just water.

Green Thickies should not be seen as a drink.  They are a meal and you need to drink water on top of your meals.

I recommend you drink at least 1 large glass of water 4 times a day, before breakfast, lunch, mid afternoon and early evening.  Even just drinking water can give you so much more energy.  Don’t overlook this part, it’s just as essential as what you eat if not more so.  Drink more if it’s hot or you’re working out.

7 Day Green Smoothie Challenge Testimonials

Green Thickies TestimonialsSome people have actually started the Green Thickie challenge the moment I published my results.  This is very inspiring for me.  I’m going to publish testimonials on a separate page but here is a quote from Mallory’s experience on the challenge:

Well, I really enjoyed the green smoothie challenge experience. Even though I did slip up, and didn’t last the whole time, I lost around 7-10 pounds! I felt light and energized the entire time, except for the one day that the smoothies didn’t sit quite well with me, but that might have been due to the discomfort I experience during PMS. Also, I felt good that I wasn’t depriving myself, didn’t have to be hungry all the time, and didn’t even have to worry about counting calories!”

Hopefully that is enough information for you to start the Green Thickies green smoothie challenge.  You’ve got some time to plan your recipes, buy your fruit in advance so it can ripen in time.  If you have any more questions you can ask them in the comments or via my contact form and I’ll do my best to reply to everybody.

I’d love to hear your experiences so please share your story or recipes to help others complete this challenge.

PLEASE also share this post with twitter, pinterest, facebook using the buttons further down, and on your blog if you have one.  I want to spread the word so many people can experience this challenge too.

If you are participating in the challenge, leave a comment below telling me your name and which meals you are going to replace with a green thickie.  

I can’t wait to see you looking lighter and feeling so much better this time next week!

How To Join The 7 Day Lean Green Smoothie Challenge

Join the all-new Lean Green Smoothie Challenge.  

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  1. I join the club!

  2. Count me in for sure, I did a test run over the weekend & although I did miss the “chew” factor, I felt fantastic!!!

    • That’s great Trish, that’s amazing you did a test run over the weekend and I’m so glad you felt so good. I also felt so good on it and really enjoyed the way I felt during my 7 days. It is nice once the challenge is over and you can chew some food again though, but it makes you appreciate food ever more I think. I’ve noticed I enjoy the taste of more simple foods since my challenge has finished.

  3. I’d love to participate in the Green Smoothie Challenge for my blog readers – the website is:

    Thank you for letting me know about this challenge!

  4. I feel like a bit of a cheat as I’ve been having a green thickie every day since I found your site a while ago, and now I can’t imagine having anything else – but I’m happy to count myself as participating in the challenge if you’ll let me! ;)

    • Ha ha, wow that put a smile on my face that you’ve been having green thickies every day since you found my site! Wow, I can’t imagine anything else either, it’s great to know I’m not the only one.
      Yes of course you can still participate in the challenge. How about stepping things up a notch and having them for 2 or all meals a day for 7 days?

  5. Betsy @ Romance on a Dime says

    I’m definitely in on this challenge. I’ve always loved smoothies, so I’m really excited!! I’m blogging about you today.

    • That’s great Betsy. I just saw your comment had gone to spam so I fished it out. I’m so glad you are taking part in the challenge and thank you so much for blogging about it. I really appreciate the help in getting the word out so that it can help and inspire others too.

  6. Hi ya – I’m really looking forward to taking this challenge – I discovered your Green Thickies a while back but haven’t had any for a while now. I can’t wait to start again plus it’ll give me the incentive to get back into my blogging :O)

    • Hi Shaz, I’m so happy you’ve signed up to do the challenge. It’s a great detox and will hopefully inspire you to continue having Green Thickies after it has finished. It’s great it will give you an incentive with your blogging too. Many thanks for visiting.

  7. Count me in Katherine! I’ll probably replace breakfast as this is easiest for me, but who knows, maybe some days I’ll be able to get in a couple a day from doing lunches and dinners.

    P.S. congrats on the video- you are so cute!

    • Yay, I’m so glad you’re taking part Gabby. Yes breakfast is definitely easiest to replace but I just found replacing lunch and dinner saved me so much time that it was so nice to have a break from cooking and washing up for a week while my husband was away.
      Aww thank you. I was so nervous putting out the video and I knew I wouldn’t be happy with it, but I just had to get it out there before I changed my mind!

  8. Hi! I am hoping to be able to participate (Thickies for breakfast and lunch) but I did have a question about the amount of sugar in the Thickies. I know it’s all from natural sources, but I am pre-diabetic so I was wondering what effect the sugars might have on me, particularly as I have weight to lose around the mid-section. I am usually very active with my running and marathon training (though prone to injury!) so I’d probably need double servings for the breakfast smoothie at least, and for some of them that would equal almost 100g of sugar? Do you think I’d be okay with that and still possibly lose weight if I kept my calories down elsewhere?

    I’ve really wanted to transition to a more high-raw diet (alreaady vegan) but I’ve never found raw foods that filling, so hopefully the addition of oats might help that if I can participate.


    • Hi there, that’s great to hear that you’re going to participate in the challenge. Yes sugar from fruit is a common concern for diabetics but after watching this amazing DVD Simply-Raw-Reversing-Diabetes-Days/dp/B001BKLCCS/ref=sr_1_fkmr0_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1347634475&sr=8-1-fkmr0&keywords=raw+food+healed+diabetes where they took a group of diabetics and gave them a raw food diet consisting of a lot of fruit. They had amazing transformations and their blood sugar levels went down to a normal level very quickly. One guy even had type 1 diabetes and improved so much. I used to have issues with blood sugar and after a low fat raw vegan diet consisting mainly of fruit I didn’t have any blood sugar issues at all. You have to do what is right for you though and I would advise talking it through with a doctor first.

      Yes if you are training hard you will need to consume enough calories to fill yourself up, that’s why I recommend eating to hunger levels but if you want to track your calories and exercise levels and get a recommended calorie guide you could always sign up to I think just the fact that you are cutting out some foods you normally eat will probably be enough to lose some weight but it depends what you eat for the rest of the day.

      I was the same with raw foods, I was never full up for long enough. As I’m such a slow eater I’d spend all day eating but it did wonders for my health. I think Green Thickies strike a great balance between raw and filling foods.

      • Thanks so much – that’s really encouraging!

        I’ll speak to my doc next week about this, as I’m there for some blood tests anyway. I’m really excited about participating if I can – as well as all the issues mentioned above I also have severe IBS (I’m at the docs to be referred for tests to establish whether it’s something more serious) and it would be wonderful if I could see some improvement in that as well.

  9. Thank you for this range of information my friend – I definitely want to try this sometime, the benefits seem endless :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  10. I’ll join in! I have tried a recipe and amazingly it lasted me two drinks!

  11. Oops I meant three drinks.

  12. I replaced 2 lunches and then had one as a pre workout drink.

  13. Count me in! I have been drinking green smoothies for a month now, and I already see the changes in my hair, skin and energy. I have been drinking them for breakfast and sometimes lunch followed by a nutritional meal. I’ve decided to join you for two reasons: 1) I want to see the full benefits of having a green thickie (not smoothie) including some weight loss and 2) as you said, accountability. This way I feel I’ve made a compromise with myself and with all of you! Keep on bringing the good recipes!!!!
    Have a wonderful day!

    • Hi Linda
      That’s great you’ve decided to take the challenge. I’m so glad you’ve already seen the positives in drinking green smoothies. They really are so wonderful for your health. The main benefits of a green thickie over a smoothie is that they are much more filling so you don’t need to drink as much which saves you time, and they also cost less than drinking purely green smoothies for the same number of calories. I hope you get some further benefits. You already sound like you’re doing so well but it’s good to have some motivation to continue with your great habits. Have a wonderful day too!

  14. I join the club!

  15. Hi this is great. My name is Yaz & i would love to participate. Im more so trying to detox in a not so invasive way due to me breast feeding i already drink green smoothies but i would replace breakfast and lunch. I was looking for something that wasnt to far from my rountine and of course i have to keep calories up so i can produce enough milk for my 9mth old . This is ideal. I way start on the 24th and continue until for 2wks or more but this is a good motivator.

    • Hi Yaz, thank you so much for participating in the challenge. Yes I think Green Thickies are a perfect way to detox while still breastfeeding. I’m still breastfeeding too and I know the better I eat the better the quality of my milk is. The great thing about Green Thickies is that you won’t go hungry, just keep drinking them until you are full and you’ll still have a good detox. That’s great you are trying it for 2 weeks. I’ll look forward to hearing all about it.

  16. I am seriously considering taking this challenge! I’d try just replacing breakfast at first, then see how it goes. thanks so much for linking your delightful and informative posts up, as always :)

    • I’m so glad you are considering taking the challenge. I think even just replacing the one meal a day, you’ll get so much out of it. I just drank one green thickie a day for a long time but felt so good in the mornings I thought why not continue on into the afternoon like that so most of the time I drink them for breakfast and lunch now.

  17. Hi I would love to joined the challenge and will try to replace all meals so excited. Looking for some weight loss benefits…

  18. I am excited to take part! I have been thrown off my routine due to stress (and have noticed a definite change in symptoms) & this will be the perfect way to get back into gear. I will be replacing breakfast with a Green Thickie & will actually be starting today, since this coming Monday was my goal to begin focusing back on my health. So I’ll be joining for the “Little Over 2 Week Green Thickie Challenge” lol :)

  19. I will be doing the challenge with you. I’m definitely replacing my breakfast and probably be my lunch too. I believe I will be having a friend join me off line as well.

  20. What an interesting challenge! It’s good to know you have had so much success with it.

  21. I started the challenge today the 23rd of September. I am only eating green thickies. I’m keeping my nutrients in the range of 80/10/10. I’m using cronometer.

    • Hi Jazzy. I’m so glad you have started the challenge. That’s great you are only eating green thickies and managing to keep your nutrients at 80/10/10 ratios. How are you getting on?

    • I am doing fine. However. I cannot figure out how to remove that photo. It is not me. It was in my photo library and i clicked on the wrong picture. I am really hoping that person doesn’t see this. Anyway. I am finding it very difficult to stay within the 80/10/10. I am refocusing on getting as many dark green veggies in my smoothies. Anytime I add avocado or other ingredients, my % of fats goes through the roof sometimes.

      Anyway, Please tell my how to remove that pic

      • Hi, Sorry Jazzy I can’t see a photo. Did you upload a photo? Which page did you upload it to? I’ll try and remove it once I know what page it’s on.

        Yes 80/10/10 is very difficult to stick to. A lot of people who follow 80/10/10 will go without overt fats for a few weeks (avocados, olives, coconut) and then consume more of them in one go to balance out their fat percentage across a year instead of daily. I know I probably go well over 10% fat in my diet at the moment.

        • I uploaded the pic here. It is here. I posted it (see next line)
          3:00 am on September 24, 2012

          I’m still reading and learning. I now have a thickie daily and have frozen quite a few of them to pull out of the freezer when I don’t have time to make it from scratch.


  22. Very Inspirational! Thanks so much for linking up to Creative Thursday. Can’t wait to see what you share next week. Have a great weekend.

  23. I’m in for this challenge! xD

  24. Katherine,

    What a great idea – I’m definitely up for the challenge too. Since I’ve been drinking green smoothies for over 3 years now every day, 2-3 times a day, I may want to step it up a bit and eliminate all other foods, except smoothies.

    I have been making more green thickies now, especially for my son, who needs more calories in the morning – and we both really enjoy them very much. Plus I experiment with new ingredients that I have not been using before, such as beets and cabbage, which taste surprisingly good in a smoothie.

    Good luck everyone!

    • Hi Joanna, sorry it’s taken a while to respond to my comments. I’m so glad you fancy the challenge. I think it’s a great way to detox just drinking green smoothies for a week whether you include the oats or not. I think a raw food diet is great but I don’t have the time for it at the moment so add oats. I’m so glad your son enjoys them too. My baby also loves oats and seems to need something more filling too.
      I’m just about to respond to your email now.

  25. I love green smoothies and am so into this plan … so count me in to the Oct 1st challenge.

  26. I just tried my first thickie after reading your site for days. Mostly I just cleaned out the fridge to make room for things to do it properly but, almond milk, green spinach, dried dates, dark bananas and instant oatmeal (not the packets) went really well together.

    I made 3 – 3cup freezer containers of it and looking forward to joining the challenge on Monday

  27. I started the challenge yesterday with my old school blender — I’ve ordered a Ninja blender (didn’t want to splurge on the vitamix yet) so hoping to get it Monday.

    I’d like to start a blog and do some writing about fitness and nutrition etc… (i’m a health/pe teacher, runner, coach, personal trainer) — what is the best site to start one?

  28. I’m really excited to join your challenge! One of my gf’s from high school recommended juicing and gave me a site to get recipes from. The idea of going cold turkey from regular food freaked me out and I’ve been sitting on my new juicer. I started looking around for another option and found your site. This sounds way more doable. My bf has even committed to doing the challenge with me!

    • Hi Julie, I’m so glad you and your bf are going to do the challenge. Yes juicing is very hard. I did a juice fast for a week and felt really spaced out the whole week and very hungry so I love green thickies as they’re so filling and feel much more like whole food.

      • Hi, Katherine,

        I recently was dx with CFS a few months ago. When I think back I may have had this a long time coming. I am grieving my old lifestyle which wasn’t all healthy for me anyway. I have a wonderful husband and two awesome kids whom all need me well and vivacious. I’ve been doing my research and have juiced a while after being dx. I know how much better it is for you to eat what God’s green earth has intended for us than all the processed foods we bestowed upon ourselves. I will miss! I’m going to try your recipes in contrast to juicing as to get the nutrient out of the peel too. I love juicing and the way it makes me feel but i didn’t stick to it because the regimen was a task, as I intended to get back on it because I had a relapse or two. This illness is the most challenging thing I have ever come across in my life! I just thought I would reach out to you and say thanks for the inspiration and great idea!


  29. Hello again!
    I was really looking forward to joining the challenge this time around, but unfortunately both my blender and my food-processor have broken down recently and I am unable to even enjoy my normal smoothies.
    I wish everyone participating the best of luck. I hope you enjoy this I much as I did on my previous attempt!
    Hopefully I will be better equipped for future challenges.
    I really think this is a wonderful thing, and the online challenge is a great motivator!

    • Hi Mallory. Oh that’s such a shame your blender has broken. I would be devastated if my blender broke as I rely on it so much. I really hope you manage to get a new one soon. How did you feel at the end of your challenge? Thanks for your lovely comments.

  30. My husband and I will be taking the 7 day challenge!

  31. I will love to join the october challenge. I was looking on replacing 2 meals with green smoothies. pleased to find your site. I hope to continue after the 7 days challenge

  32. I would like to join!!

  33. I would love to join the challenge!

  34. Hi! Love your site!! Stumbled on the challenge on your Facebook page, rushed out today and bought as many ingredients as I could. Looking forward to it!

  35. I am excited to join the challenge. I went out yesterday and bought all the stuff I need for a week. So excited to see how it goes and hopefully lose some weight and feel better in the process.

  36. hello,my name is ysaura i will be starting your 7 day challenge tomorrow. i’ve made a schedule of my green thickies drinks as well as prepped everything that is needed for the week. i am replacing all 3 meals with green thickies. two years ago i had weight-loss surgery,lost 93 pounds and have felt great with my new life.ive changed my eating habits from terrible to whole-foods. i make all my meals,no junk food,no meat,limited carbs etc…BUT lately ive been craving sweets more then usual. before things get out of hand i decided to detox to rid my body of all the impurities. im looking forward to this new challenge. it takes away from all the time i spend in the kitchen cooking for the week. lol…

    • Hi Ysaura, that’s very inspiring to hear that you changed your diet to such a healthy one. I know what you mean about craving sweets. Normally when I crave sweet things I can have a sweet dessert smoothie and that satisfies me or it’s a sign I need to get to bed! I love the challenge as I didn’t have to do any cooking for a week as my husband was away. This week I’ll be cooking for him in the evening but I’ll still save time with my own meals. I’ll be sending you an email out shortly with more information.

  37. What an awesome challenge! :) Green-smoothies are the BEST!

  38. Greetings Everyone
    How you doing Katherine
    Am done with my 30 day green smoothie/ thickie  challenge,and I must say its been a wonderful experience,I did pig out a couple days(5days to be precise )with cooked food which stalled my progress,but here is the final results from 2nd sept to 30 sept

    2/09/12 – 240

    30/09/12 – 224.5

    Am light in complexion naturally but am lighter now with very visible velvet skin

    Went from a Size 18 to Size 16(which is big now not shopped for new clothes yet)

    All form of digestive problems gone

    Surreal Energy 

    Excellent State of Mind 24/7

    The beautiful thing is am so used to smoothies and thickies  now I can barely chew a quarter cucumbers, so I still blend all my meals which are obviously RAW. 

    Thanks everyone thanks Katherine . God Bless You.


  39. I am starting the challenge today, Monday, October 15!!! I will be replacing realist and lunch and maybe some dinners depending on my hunger(which is fierce!). In April I took a 30 day vegan challenge and stuck with it until August when I started a serving position where tasting and knowing flavor profiles was a requirement. Now, out of serving, I am eager to get back on track and lose 10 pounds ultimately. I am excited about adding oatmeal to my smoothies (which fill me up for maybe 2 hours..I feel like I’m being starved) and I love love love oatmeal so this will be an exciting and very welcomed challenge! Keep me on track! Now that I am in an office sitting all day I get boredom hunger; any thing to help me with this would be wonderful! So excited! I am so happy I came across your website. My smoothies for the week will consist of 1/2c. Cooked oatmeal, green tea, 1 banana, 1 apple, frozen berries, 1c. Frozen broccoli and 1c. Spinach. I sampled this last night, I definitely needed to drink both servings. Will I still lose weight drinking 4 servings a day? Dinner will be oatmeal with 1R of walnuts or peanut butter, lentil soup or a baked potato with salsa and a salad of tomato and cucumber. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi StaceyLea. I’m so glad you’re starting the challenge today. I’m glad adding oatmeal to your smoothies fills you up for longer. Do you do a lot of exercise? I think it’s good to eat to your hunger levels but you may find over a few days your hunger levels may decrease a bit as your blood sugar levels will be more stable. Yes boredum hunger is hard. Why don’t you try having some chopped up fruit, strawberries, blueberries or grapes are good to snack on if you’re bored. Your recipes sound lovely and your dinner sounds extremely healthy. That’s the kind of thing I usually have, a massive salad with some potatoes and vegetables or quinoa or rice, roasted veg on top of it. If you are looking for some healthy meal inspiration my most recent post where I highlighted my top 8 blogs have loads of healthy dinners on their websites too. although I would recommend cutting out wheat/gluten, too much oil, too much salt and I would cut out sugar while you are on the challenge too. It will stop so many cravings. If you make everything from scratch you can avoid these easily. Let me know how you get on or if you need any more help.

  40. Sorry, breakfast and lunch…and 1T. Of peanut butter with oatmeal for dinner

  41. I want to start this challenge but am having a hard time figuring out what ones to start with – would you mind giving me a few days of thickies that you did so i can wrap my head around this – i will be replacing all meals with thickies so i can take full advantage of the program.

  42. Hello, I am interested in this challange as well.
    Thank you.

  43. Hi Katherine,

    I’m starting the challenge tomorrow. I’m really excited, I need the detox after all of the good holiday treats that I’ve had.

  44. Hi Katherine,

    Please send me a link to the 7 day challenge green thickie challenge. Thanks.

  45. Rosie Garza says

    Hi, i’ve started the 7 Day Challenge as of yesterday, Jan. 22,2013. I’m replacing breakfast and dinner with green thickies….

    Have some questions for you…Can I have a cup of coffee in the morning before or after breakfast thickie? Second, if I’m eating a normal lunch and replacing breakfast and dinner with smoothies, do you think I will lose some weight?

    • That’s excellent, congratulations on starting the 7 day challenge. You can eat whatever you like as well as the green thickies but sometimes caffeine effects you in ways you wouldn’t know until you try giving it up for a week and sometimes it’s nice to give your body a rest. However if you do have a break from it you might have headaches for a few days. Hopefully you’ll still lose weight but I guess it depends what you eat for lunch. Try it and see and if you don’t lose any weight, next time try the whole week having nothing but green thickies.

  46. Hi! I know that this is an old post, but I am going to start my own 7 day Thickie challenge, so I hope that you reply! I am looking to lose weight, as I have already lost 40lbs and exercise 6 days a week, but still have 60 pounds to go! Could you please reccomend some of your favorites to start me off!? Thanks so much!

  47. Hi Katherine,

    I actually just wanted to let you know I find your website very interesting! I’m already a big green smoothie fan, but eat them because they’re healthy more than because I like them. This morning I had my first green thickie and I found them to be much more filling and satisfying than green smoothies, and therefore I think it will be easier for me to eat them for breakfast every day and avoiding eating other things for breakfast such as bread.

    Thanks for inspiring me :)!

    Do you have any plans for another green thickie challenge? I think from now on I’ll eat a green thickie every day, but if there’s another challenge coming up soon, I think I’ll try to replace 2 or 3 of my meals with a thickie :). I know I can also do the challenge now, but I prefer to wait until a new one is coming up.

    Thanks again and good luck with the blogging!

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Bobi

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I’m so glad the green thickies filled you up a lot more. I just make a massive batch and drink them until I’m full. Some days I’m hungrier than others. I don’t have a problem with my weight anymore as I try and just eat wholefoods and find it very hard to drink more green thickies once I’m actually full.

      I’m not sure about another challenge. I’ve had a few people asking me but I’m currently pregnant so I don’t want to do them exclusively for a week as I’d start detoxing. I guess I don’t have to do it completely myself just to host it though. I’ll give it some more thought but in the meantime, just let me know if you want some support with anything.

  48. Hi there,
    I just have a question. I drink the smoothies until I am full but then I am starving almost an hour later, even sooner if I workout. Is there anything I can put in the thickies to feel full longer?

  49. Hi,
    I’ve only just found your site. When are you doing another group 7 day challenge???? I’d love to sign up :-)

  50. Hi,

    I just found your site also and am super excited about green thickies! I’ve been doing some research on green smoothies for a week or so and so far your green thickies seem like the best! My husband and I are trying one out this evening and then I start my challange tomorrow morning. Excited about adding oats, I too am a serious oat/porridge lover!

    If you’re thinking of doing a 7 day group challange I would sign up as well! If not, I’ll just share my results with you, if that’s ok.


  51. Daughter Kelly says

    Hello Katherine, i searched the internet last week and came across your website.I read all you stated and also read the reviews. I’m going to start the 7 day challenge replacing the smoothies with breakfast and dinner. I choose dinner because during the course I tend to eat after 11pm or later. Before I actually came across your website, I went searching for other smoothie drinks and all you had to use milk or yogurt, and that’s a no no in my book. So Monday I will go and purchase the things needed and start the following week. If I tend to see no difference then I will try it another way.

    Thanks again for your recipe of the Green Thickie Smoothie

  52. Hi Katherine. :)

    Unfortunately it seems that you haven’t been replying since early April, which is a shame as I would have liked to talk with you in person.

    Congratulations for turning your life around. Your ‘before and after’ shots are impressive, and you are looking full of health. :)

    Anyway — I started the “Challenge” yesterday.

    I’m into my mid 30’s and for longer than I care to work out, I have badly neglected myself nutritionally for many years. I shudder to think of the utter crap I have put through my body over the years, and yet, somehow it it such a resillient thing!

    I had a bit of a “road to Damascus” moment recently due to feeling such a huge lack of energy, and since have been investigating the truth behind what is really in the “food” we eat. It was not a nice realisation, that I have effectively been slowly poisoning myself over the years.

    Still, all being well, it is time for me to stop doing that. :)

    I’ve been undertaking a lot of research over recent weeks, and discovered the ‘need’ for a slightly alkaline diet, which is what has eventually lead me to your site.

    Day one on the “challenge” went well. I drank green thickies for breakfast/lunch, had a hard swimming session, and finished off my mix when I got home. Other than some mashed potato in the evening, that was my day intake-wise.

    Today (day 2) has been a little different though. Thickie for breakfast/lunch (I work nights so don’t rise ’til midday). But I have experienced the strange sensation of feeling that kind of “sick” feeling you get when you really need to eat something, and yet feeling full. It is bizarre. I feel really hungry and yet full at the same time. It sounds strange I grant you, but I don’t know how else to explain it, lol. :)

    I was aiming for all meals to be thickie/smoothies for a week, but I think I’m going to have to cheat and throw in a wholegrain penut butter sandwich to see if it takes that ‘hunger sickness’ feeling away. ;)

    Anyway, I’ll see if you’ve checked in tomorrow, otherwise there’s little point in talking to myself here, lol. ;)

    All the best, and thanks for your enlightening site.

    Kind regards,


    • Hi Callum

      Congratulations on turning your diet around. I hear that a lot about green smoothies making you feel a bit sick. It could be a variety of things, probably more likely to be a detox. I’m going to write about this in more detail soon. Do you still get the same feeling now? If it hasn’t changed in a few weeks you could be intolerant to something but yes I would agree that it’s best to take things slowly and change one meal at a time until you get used to it.

      Many thanks and sorry for the lack of contact. I’ve not been able to get to reply to everyone as I’m due to have a baby and not had as much time or energy for my website lately but hopefully this will change in the future.

      Many thanks


  53. Hello! I just found your website and I am considering the challenge!

  54. Hi Katherine, just stumbled across your page and it’s really inspiring :) thought I’d post on here as I’m having so much success with clean eating and Green smoothies. I built up to it slowly which I think really helps to lessen any detox symptons. The first thing I cut out were processed foods and dairy. Just reading up on about what really is in the food we eat was enough for me to never want to eat crap again!! I then gave up sugar which I was so addicted to!! I suffered from low energy, cold sweats and shaking hands etc for 3 days, but haven’t looked back since! To compensate for these foods I found eating healthy fats ie olive and coconut oil, and nut butters, avocado and homous etc really helped. Instead if eating junk, I’d eat rice cakes with almond butter, or make my own chips with sliced potatos and olive oil. I didn’t lose any weight initially as I was still eating alot of fat. About 2 weeks ago my cravings for anything bad disappeared :) so I have been replacing breakfast and lunch with a green smoothie, have a big salad for dinner, and snacks are rice cakes with almond or peanut butter. So far I have lost 7lbs… And the best thing is it’s been easy and I feel so much better! I should also add I have now cut out meat and eat organic wherever possible. It’s brilliant and definitely a lifestyle change rather than a diet! I’d like to lose another 14lbs and I’m sure I will :) for someone who used to eat tonnes of chocolate and sugary foods I thought id never do it! Love your recipes and it’s fantastic you are inspiring others :) xxx

  55. Barbara Smalls says

    I would like to join the 7 day Challenge.

  56. Hi, how long can one consume only green smoothies for? I know you say 7 days in your particular case, but for those with more persistent health issues and weight to lose, is it beneficial to do this, for say, 21 days? Thanks

  57. Yery Robinson says


    I recently (4 months ago) had my son via C-section and have not been able to go back to my activity level because of the incision and healing properly. I started walking daily while I was still home with him but I am back to work and have extremely long days. I start at 4:30 and go till about 11PM. I started something…although I’m not sure what, this weekend. I threw spinach, green apple, kiwi and apple juice into my blender and drank that. It seemed to give me energy so I tried it again today except this time I used spinach, green apple, kiwi, mango, apple juice and half a banana for breakfast. I would LOVE to detox but have some concerns since I am nursing. Any info you can provide would be very helpful.

    • That’s great that you’ve started drinking green smoothies. I am also currently nursing and do drink a lot of green smoothies but I am used to them. I think it’s better to take any change to diet very slowly and if you’re concerned check with your doctor first.

  58. We could all use this at my house…looking forward to more info!

  59. Hi,
    I want to start the green thickie detox to try and get rid of some of the weight i gained while pregnant. I am concerned though about the effects of a detox as i am currently nursing my newborn. Any thoughts are appreciated.

    • I would say that it’s better to take things slowly and just add in more fruit and veg to your normal diet to start with, then replace your breakfast with a green thickie and see how you feel. I’ve nursed 2 babies while drinking green thickie and am always fine but everybody is different and have different levels of detox so I would say just take it slowly.

  60. Going to start tomorrow. I am going to replace all meals with the green thickie.

  61. Magaly Bernardino says

    its way past October 1st but I’m starting my the challenge today! Thanks Katherine for sharing your recipe. There is nothing better than a fresh meal replacement with no lab ingredients included! I got a long way to go.

  62. I’m starting tomorrow. I had a couple of green thickies last week to try them out. Good stuff!

  63. Hi Katherine,
    I drink a smoothie or juice drink most every day. I really like your idea of a green thickie and am excited to try one with my new bullet type blender.

  64. Hi Katherine,
    So I found out about this challenge yesterday and I couldn’t wait until October, so I started right away. I am replacing breakfast and lunch with smoothies inspired by yours, but I am a uni student so I don’t have the money for a lot of the ingredients, but they still taste fantastic. It’s only day 2 today but I already have so much more energy at the gym (normally I can only go for about 10 minutes before needing to rest due to feeling faint) and my concentration has significantly improved! I’m definitely going to keep this up, hopefully long after this week. I am trying to lose about 15kg (about 33 pounds). Sorry for the big comment but I just want to THANK YOU so much for inspiring me and giving me a quick, easy and HEALTHY way to control what I am eating and lose weight in a healthy way!

  65. Hi Katherine, I wanted to start the 7 day challenge, but am unsure as to where to start from, i want to replace all my meals with smoothies, help please!

  66. Crystal King says

    Hi Katherine I would love to start this…I just started today. My blend for my green smoothie is: 2-3 cups of kale, 1 medium apple, 1 banana, 1/2 cup of lemon juice, 1 cup of water, and 1 scoop of protein powder from the inc store. It tastes really good. Im looking to lose weight and get my body healthy. Diabetes and heart disease runs in my family, so i thought i would start now. Im turning 27 in May, so i wanted to get healthy before than. Im 190 pounds and 5’9, so I’m definitely overweight. I just started going to the gym today. Im going to do a cycling class and some running throughout the week. What do you think if i did 2 green smoothies a day and Oatmeal with blue berries and strawberries for breakfast? So a green smoothie for lunch and dinner. Also I’m going to be drinking 8 glasses of water a day. Im just tired of being unhealthy and feeling fat.

    • Normally it is recommended you have 2 smoothies and a full meal rather than just oatmeal and fruit – why don’t you try the 7 day diet plan to help kick start your weight-loss? Or you could sign up for the completely free 12 week course which will give you lots of ideas. Good luck, please keep in touch and let us know how you get on!

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