Why Everybody Is Going Crazy For These New Green Drink Recipes

Why Everybody Is Going Crazy For These New Green Drink Recipes

The Basics of this New Unique Green Drink

Green Thickies are the new healthy drink for busy people.  The reason they are so unique is that they are a complete healthy meal drink.  These new green drink recipes give you everything you need in a meal.  They including your daily servings of leafy greens yet they still manage to taste delicious.

What is a Green Thickie?

A Green Thickie is a fruit smoothie with CARBS such as oats to fill you up.  These are called the Fillers.  There are 20 different fillers you can add to your smoothie that fit with your special diet.  See them now.   They also include a portion of SEEDS or NUTS per smoothie which provide you with your omega 3s.  They include Greens to provide you with the ultimate energising boost to your morning.  You won’t have to add other foods to your diet as this drink contains everything you need for health, vitality and to help you last until lunch.

Green Drink RecipesWhat makes a Green Thickie delicious?

Even though the thickie has greens in it such as Spinach, you can’t taste them at all as there is so much fruit that it overpowers the taste with fruity sweetness.

How is a Green Thickie so healthy?

There are 100% natural healthy ingredients in these green drink recipes, and best of all you get to decide exactly what goes in it.  There are many green thickie recipes you can try, but feel free to substitute your own ingredients to suit your own health, budget and tastes.

The smoothie contains greens which give you an energy boost and are bursting with essential nutrients.  Green thickies include fruit which also contains health promoting vitamins and minerals to give you energy and vitality.  What really turns a green smoothie into a green thickie is the addition of fillers (see them here) such as oats (like these) or other healthy grains (Like these).  Fillers make the smoothies extremely filling, keeping your blood sugars stable and filling you up until your next meal.  A Green Thickie is truly a complete healthy meal in a glass.

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“Last Until Lunch”

Can I lose weight drinking Green Thickies?

A green thickie will help you to lose weight as part of a balanced diet.  As they contain only healthy whole foods which are passed much more quickly through your body and aren’t stored so much as fat, you will find weight loss much easier with green thickies.

All of the green drink recipes provide the number of calories and fat so you can be sure of the nutritional information.   Although they are great for weight loss, you won’t believe you are on a diet if you drink Green Thickies as they are just so filling.  You can also subscribe to Green Thickies FREE 12 week e-course to  help you lose weight.

What makes these green drink recipes so unique

Can I give Green Thickie to kids?

Yes, green thickies are great for the whole family especially kids.  Although some children aren’t used to the colour, you could try giving it to them in a coloured cup with a lid and straw, and once they find out how tasty they are, they won’t mind the colour of them.

Green Thickies have everything you need to provide a healthy balanced meal for your children in one cup.  This means you don’t have to worry that they aren’t getting their nutrients as they have had at least one extremely nutritious meal.

They are also really fast to drink so great for busy parents too.  They will give you enough energy to get through the day and still have enough energy to play with your kids.

How do I make a green thickie?

The best part is, they are really fast to make.  Either follow one of the green drink recipes, or experiment with green thickies using the 6 essential ingredients.  A batch of green thickie takes just a few minutes to whizz up in the blender and you have Green Thickies for the whole family to share.  They will also keep well in the fridge for a few days.  Read my guide to making a green thickie here.

Let me know what you think of these amazing new green drink recipes.

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  1. Hello, Katherine,

    I am your latest fan! I came across your website while roaming around the net looking for green smoothie recipes. I started a healthy eating regimen just a week ago, with my daughter’s help. When I saw your green thickie recipe, and the story of your return to health, something clicked immediately. I have been eating lots of vegetables and fruits the last week, and feeling very satisfied: no cravings. The only thing I found daunting was “how do I fix the veggies and fruits a different way every time?”, making meal prep take a long time. Your green thickie concept is wonderful! I made my first one this morning, using your basic recipe. I had half of it for breakfast, and am taking the rest with me for lunch, when I go to help out a busy mum like you get her house ready for the birth of child #3. I expect you will be too busy to post often on your blog, but you do NOT need to feel pressured to do so. You have enough information on here already to help all of us. Relax and enjoy those precious moments (crying and all) with your little ones. Believe me, as a mum of 5 grown children, the time goes by in the blink of an eye. Thank you so much for all the information and encouragement on your website!!!!! Janet (p.s. You can tell from my email name what my weakness is)

  2. Hi Kathrine,
    I came across your site for the first time today and I must say, I find it quite informative and interesting. I must thank you for informing us all over the world on healthy eating.

    I am a 55-year old lady. I started a 2-week detox last Monday. It includes green smoothies and raw food as well as a few mono meals. (Today was the first. It wasn’t bad at all.) My concern, however, is my weight loss. I am a small person, having lost 25 pounds over the past six months due to illness (GERD). Since I have started the detox six days ago, I have lost four (4) pounds. Today I weighed 102.6 pounds with my 5 feet 3 inch height. This is just below the recommended BMI. I still have one more week to go. I have serious concerns regarding the weight loss since this can have negative impact upon one’s health.

    How can I, a small-sized person, consider or change to a raw food diet without losing so much weight.


    • Caroline,

      I would simply add more calories to your smoothies. Add more bananas and flaxseed. Add half an avocado to your smoothie. Eat more nuts and nut butter.

  3. It is day 1 Isee all ladys does it work the same or do i have to change anything for the change of life and weight loss

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