Healthy Breakfast Smoothie: 6 Essential ingredients in a Green Thickie

6 Essential ingredients in a healthy breakfast smoothie
Healthy Breakfast Smoothie: 6 Essential ingredients in a Green Thickie

Imagine being able to get everything you need in one healthy meal in a drink.  The great news is not only can you get all your nutrients in this healthy breakfast smoothie but you can make it yourself very easily so you know exactly what is in it.  Green Thickies are made from wholesome healthy foods.  There are so many benefits to drinking a glass of green thickie in the morning. A green thickie is made from the following elements which make it a complete meal in a glass.  Each green thickie includes:

  1. Water or dairy free milk (Like this).  Avoid having to make a separate drink.  Get hydrated and gain energy from food at the same time.
  2. Fruit: Tastes sweet, provides essential nutrients and fills you up.
  3. Leafy Greens: Great for energy and power packed with nutritious goodness.  Essential for good health.  You could also use a nutritious green powder (Like this)
  4. Filler such as Oats (like this)or other healthy grains: Filling carbs to keep you going until your next meal without snacking.  Read more about how to add Oats or Quinoa to smoothies.  If you can’t tolerate grains – I have 20 different fillers you can use to make your smoothies into meal replacement shakes to suit all special diets.
  5. Seeds or nuts: Great for omegas 3, 6 and a range of other nutrients.  A good protein source.
  6. Healthy Sweeteners: Use either dried fruit such as dates or raisins, coconut, or other healthy sweeteners to make the green thickie extremely delicious.  You can also make your own Date Syrup which is easier to blend.  Or buy Date Syrup here.

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There can of course be other ingredients that will be added to green thickies to enhance the taste or increase particular health benefits of the ingredients.  Herbs or spices such as vanilla, mint or carob.  Or any other ingredients such as yoghurt or vitamins.

So now you know what makes up a green thickie, learn what benefits this healthy breakfast smoothie will bring to your life.

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6 Essential ingredients in a healthy breakfast smoothie


  1. Thanks – Enjoyed this post, can you make it so I receive an e-mail when you make a fresh post? From Online Shopping Greek

    • Thank you for your interest. Yes you should be able to subscribe underneath the comments and you will receive emails whenever there is a new post. If there are any problems with this just let me know.

  2. Marlene Newell says

    What kind of oats do you use? steel cut, old fashioned, quick?

  3. Marlene Newell says

    I did find your page on oats, so you don’t have to answer that. My next question is, what proportion are the 6 ingredients? That would be helpful for a beginner to know.

    • Hi Marlene, thank you for visiting. I’m glad you got the answer to your question about oats. Yes of course, thank you for your feedback. It’s very useful so I change my website to be more helpful. The proportions of ingredients I generally use are 2 cups of liquid, 1 cup of oats, 1 cup of packed leafy greens, 1/2 a cup of dried fruit and 1/4 of a cup of nuts or 2 tablespoons of seeds. I then add various fruit, for example 4 cups of fruit or 4 whole fruit. It does depend on the fruit though as some fruit has a greater water content so I would use less liquids, for example if I used watermelons I may not use any liquids and if I used pineapple I might use only 1 cup of liquid. Also sometimes I don’t include any dried fruit at all which will make a thinner smoothie and not using nuts will also make your smoothie thinner. I hope that helps.

  4. I’ve been wanting to get a new blender for green smoothies because my food processor will only pulverize spinach (which is soft) enough for me to drink. It doesn’t make coarser textured greens like kale into a smooth enough or small enough particle for me to be able to drink it. Does the Magic Bullet really liquidize the coarser greens enough that you don’t end up drinking little bits of greens? If so, that would be great as I won’t have to shell out $100s to get a top of the line blender. Thanks!

  5. I am looking for a basic Green Thickie recipe. I am better at sticking to it if its consistent. I am also on a low budget so shopping for 10 different ingredients for your many tasty looking recipies is difficult. If I drank the Peach Avacado drink for breakfast and lunch and a sensible meal, would you think I would get the same results? Or, is there a “original” recipie that you have built off of? Looking forward to starting this! thanks!

    • Hi there

      Yes I would just choose one favourite thickie recipe and just stick to that. If you choose a recipe with ingredients that are cheaper hopefully you’ll be able to stick to your budget. I don’t have a basic thickie recipe yet but thanks for the idea, I’m going to have to invent one! I’d probably just include either water or a dairy free milk, bananas, oats, spinach (frozen is cheaper where I live) sunflower seeds or I prefer the taste of peanut butter. I often make that recipe when I need to save some money and I freeze my bananas if I have too many ripe ones.

      • Thanks so much! I’m doing flaxseeds instead of oats (and peanut butter, right?) And Almond breeze..good? First day I did two servings and super ready for dinner – must drink more thickie! My frozen spinich comes in a block, says 300grams. Can I use it all? Says 20 calories per 1/4 package and I cook in the microwave, only directions. This seems weird. Am I better off buying fresh? It’s like $2 a package. Also, I read somewhere about myfitnesspal, which I have and the nutritional info. Based on the recipe above, did you make the nutritional information after all? Questions mcquestions over here but I wanna do this long term – and right!

        • Yes that’s fine to put flaxseeds instead of oats, peanut butter and almond milk in your smoothie. If you are still hungry it could be because you are not adding oats. Oats are a filling carb so if you leave it out you’ll probably get hungry very soon after your smoothies. Yes you can use as much spinach as you like. Some people do prefer to cook their frozen spinach first but I don’t bother as I prefer the nutrients. They follow better safety procedures with fresh spinach than frozen and you’ll get all the nutrients so I would definitely recommend eating it raw. Sometimes frozen spinach has more nutrients left in it though. Each recipe has the nutritional information included with it and you can easily type your own recipe into myfitnesspal to calculate the nutrients?

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  7. hi, if i add oats to my smoothie, will it still have the detoxifying benefits that green smoothies usually have? thanks

  8. Hi,

    I love thickies, but I live in university student halls and I worry that I’ll wake people up if I use my blender early in the morning, so I usually end up having breakfast really late. I was just wondering if thickies can be done the night before and then refrigerated to counteract that problem? I use bananas primarily in mine, and I worried they might go brown if I did. Do you know how that would work?



    • Hi Elizabeth, that’s great that you are managing to eat such a healthy diet living in student halls. Yes thickies can definitely be made the night before. I almost always make mine the day before as my baby doesn’t want to wait for her breakfast so it’s good to have it ready. Also it’s nice and cold. No I’ve never had any problems with it going brown even with bananas. I do cover it tightly though. Thickies do tend to ‘thicken’ a lot more when left in the fridge overnight so if it’s too thick in the morning you can either eat it with a spoon or pour a bit of water down and stir it to thin it down again. I hope that works for you!

  9. Is there an actual recipe for the Green Thickie smoothy?
    Thank you.

  10. Would a large variety of green cancil each other out netritionally

  11. Hi Katherine,
    I have lost 103 pounds in the past, but know i have put have that weight back on. I have tried programmes, have gone to the gym. I do not have any energy, no will power.

    I am not a grandmother yet, but hope to be someday. I want to have the energy to play and take them to the park. And if I start know I will be able to do so when I have one or two.

    Please show me what do get and what smoothies will help me get there.

  12. Hi Katherine,
    You mentioned on your “Basic Green Thickie” article that you could sub sweet potato or buckwheat for the oats. I assume with the buckwheat groats you just soak overnight, drain the water and blend? No cooking required? How do you prepare the sweet potato – have you done it raw? Thanks!

  13. Do you have a suggestion for a good healthy Greens Powder? The link in the article is expired. Thanks!

  14. Hey Katherine,
    I’m interested in the green thickness as I have CFS too. I’m curious…how long did it take before you noticed a change in your CFS symptoms?

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