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My Healthy Hectic School Routine Hacks

Basic Green Thickie Recipe

My Healthy Hectic School Routine Hacks

Something interesting happened when our routine changed lately.

I ended up with less time to myself, but I actually feel healthier and shifted some weight. Keep reading to find out how.

My daughter has just started school for the first time.  

In Scotland the kids start school when they are 5 years old, which I think is quite late seeing as I started school at 4 years old in England.

Lowenna has been more than ready for school since she was about 2 years old. She’s an old soul and very smart. I definitely think she’ll be a teacher when she’s older – well she’s already teaching anybody who will listen now (and everybody who isn’t listening).

I actually got quite emotional her first day in school as she was a bit nervous. She’s very confident when she gets to know people but she often feels nervous with brand new situations.  

But thankfully she had a great day and so far she seems settled.

So with this new change, our routines have had to change quite a lot.  

Lowenna used to be full time in a beautiful forest nursery (her brother is still there) and we all absolutely loved it.  So I think I was feeling a bit sad that she wasn’t spending much time in that wonderful place anymore.  

So, As a result, I am no longer working full time, I am now going to work part time which means a lot of things have had to change.

I used to drop them off at nursery and come back and do a workout. Now, with my condensed hours, I have been doing my workout at 6am before they get up.

So lately I’ve been getting into yoga. It’s never really been my thing before but I am getting very passionate about that lately. (I’ll share more about this another day).

So this is what my new routine looks like:

Get up at 6am and do a 30 minute workout of some description

Get the kids up and give them a Green Thickie to drink for their breakfast.  

Get ready.

Take the kids to school and nursery between 8-9am.

Give my husband his Green Thickie for his breakfast.

Work until school finishes at 3:15.

I usually have my first Green Thickie at lunch time. Now I tend to split my Green Thickie in half and have half at lunch time and half later, or I have 1 at lunch time and half a Green Thickie at around 3:30pm.  

Pick up Lowenna, she comes home and helps me make the dinner, and practice some reading and writing.  

Then we go and pick up my son, Ellis from nursery.

We all eat together about 5:30pm which is something we have only just started doing and it’s working out so nicely. The kids are starting to be more adventurous with their food which is great as they are very very fussy kids.  

The kids go to bed and I catch up with any loose ends that need to be dealt with that day.

If I’m hungry I drink the other half of my Green Thickie from earlier.

I thought this new routine would be much more stressful because I’m getting less time to work, but I’m actually feeling a lot healthier and much more in control with my eating. I think the yoga is helping me to start the day in a good frame of mind, and there is another interesting thing that happened.

We always used to feed the kids first (seeing as they would never eat any vegetables anyway) and we would eat later. But what would happen is, I would be nicely full after my dinner but start to feel quite tired after it (probably because it was quite late). But I would never be ready for bed straight away because I like to give my dinner chance to digest first, so I would push on through the tiredness and end up craving something sweet instead.

Another problem is that when I made special ‘kiddie’ food around 5pm, I would always end up picking at their food because I was hungry and because it was so tempting. So the fact that we all eat together is great because it’s much healthier for us all, the kids are actually being much more adventurous with their food which is pretty amazing. (I mean, they even tried Sushi yesterday! That is something I never thought would happen)  And it’s so lovely to have more family time together.

I also feel like we get more time to ourselves after the kids have gone to bed.

Since I’ve been having my dinner much earlier, I start to naturally feel tired around 9pm-10pm and my dinner has had enough time to digest, and I feel ready to sleep. So I’ve been going to bed earlier and I don’t get a craving for something sweet like I used to.

It’s great! I’ve already lost a few pounds just from switching my routine around which is pretty cool.  

What is your routine like? Is it worth trying to adjust your own routine so that you can experiment with something that might work better for you? When do you naturally get hungry? Are you able to eat at a time when you are actually hungry rather than eating just because it’s meal time?

It can make a big difference!

I hope this has helped you to look at the timings for your own meals and how your own routine fits together.  

And if you’re still in need of a healthy meal plan to help you drop those extra few pounds, check out my FREE Lean Green Smoothie Challenge. It does not dictate the times at which you eat, so you can eat your dinner for lunch, have your breakfast for dinner – it’s totally up to you.  

The times can change to suit your own lifestyle, but the food and the quantity is what will get you the biggest results.

This month the challenge is completely free, so come over and join us. What have you got to lose apart from the weight?


Katherine ‘part-timer’ Kyle

p.s. tomorrow we are looking at weight loss supplements.  Are they all bad for us?

Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

Founder at Green Thickies
Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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