How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today

How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today

Would it help you eat more fruit if you knew how to ripen bananas faster?  

A lot of people struggle to have bananas ripe and ready when they need them.  They are often not ripe enough for eating, or the other extreme which is they have been left for so long they have gone bad.  

I used to also have this problem.  

And the key is knowing at what speed you can ripen your bananas and how to speed up the ripening process. 

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So today I’m sharing with you how to ripen bananas super fast. It’s very easy! 

You are going to feel so confident that you can now get organized with your banana ripening process and have healthy food at hand whenever you need it.

Continue reading to find out how to ripen bananas fast and easy…

How To Ripen Bananas Fast!

1. Using warmth

Store the bananas in a warm place in your house such as on top of the fridge, on a window ledge or in a boiler cupboard.  

How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today

The perfect temperature for ripening bananas is 65–68ºF (18–20ºC). Use a thermometer to check the temperature of your room.

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How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today


2. Using humidity

Bananas like humidity.  If your house is quite dry, try out one of the options below: 

  1. Run a humidifier 
  2. Or use a diffuser
  3. Or leave out bowls of water.  
How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today


3. Using a paper bag

Place the bananas in a brown paper bag

How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today


4. Using a plastic bag

Place the bananas in a plastic bag.  Make sure the plastic bag has some air holes in it or the fruit might go soft.

How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today

5. Using another fruit

Add another fruit to the bag such as an apple to release ethylene gas which is a natural gas contained in the fruit that triggers ripening.  Use the ripest fruit you have.

How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today

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*Note: Check the bananas every day.  The bananas will usually ripen within 2 days but may take longer if they are very green to start with.

How To Ripen Bananas Even Faster (Within 1 Day or 1 Hour)

It is much better for your health to wait until bananas are truly ripened before eating them.  

But if you just can’t wait, here are 2 ways to speed up the ripening process even more quickly.  

1. You can use a dehydrator

This gently warms up the banana making it ripen much more quickly.

  1. Leave the skin on your banana and place on a dehydrator sheet. 
  2. Dehydrate at 45C/115F for up to 24 hours.
  3. Check your banana and feel how soft it is after 6 hours as that might be long enough depending on how yellow your banana was to start with. 
How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today


2. You can use an oven

How To Ripen Bananas (Fast & Easy) Try It Today

If you really can’t wait for a ripe banana and you’re not as concerned with lost nutrients, you can bake your banana in the oven.  

Being a raw foodist this is not something I would choose to do, but if I didn’t have any ripe fruit around me, I certainly would do this.  

  1. Put your oven on the lowest temperature it goes to which might be around 77C/170F and place the unpeeled bananas on a nonslip baking mat.  
  2. Bake for 20-30 minutes. The skin will go black.  
  3. Check on them after 15 minutes to see if they are ripe enough.  
  4. The banana will be mushy but they will be perfect for banana bread, banana pudding or a banana smoothie.

Banana Peanut Butter Green Thickie

Here is a delicious banana smoothie recipe to make with your ripe bananas.

Banana Peanut Butter Green Thickie

Please feel free to share this infographic on social media or your website with a link back to this post.


I’ve shared 7 ways to ripen your bananas more quickly. Just to recap, these are:

  1. Place in a warm place
  2. Increase the humidity
  3. Place in a brown paper bag
  4. Place in a plastic bag
  5. Add fruits to the bag or place next to ripe fruits
  6. Dehydrate for up to 24 hours
  7. Last resort: Oven bake on the lowest setting for about 20 minutes

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