What Message Is Your Body Sending You?

What message is your body sending youWhile I was in our latest Spanish apartment I was thinking a lot about the way our bodies work.

We left it pretty late to book our Spanish apartment, and although the location was perfect, the apartment wasn’t the best.

It was a bit old, and hardly had any natural light at all which is something I crave living in Scotland. So we just spent most of the time out of the apartment which suited me fine.

Here’s the view from the apartment.

View from apartmentAs soon as I walked into the apartment I could smell this really strange, and not such a nice smell.

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I have a crazily good sense of smell, it seems to be 10 times more strong than most people’s sense of smell. So when I’m walking through the airport through the store where they have hundreds of perfumes, I feel like I’m suffocating under the stench of artificial smells and it makes me feel really ill.

My sense of smell only increased more when I moved to a healthy diet and started using homemade beauty products.  

It’s a great thing to have when you’re in nature as I can smell each flower and all the trees and there’s nothing nicer in the world than the sweet smell of God’s creation.

But if I’m anywhere manmade surrounded by lots of people – it’s not great at all. Imagine being able to smell everyone’s body odor and tell which soap they use 6 feet around you!

So anyway, when we walked into this apartment I could smell this weird smell, which I suspect was the detergent used to wash the sheets, as I could smell it even more strongly when I was in bed.

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And I had an awful allergic reaction to it. My eyes were itchy and streaming. My throat was itchy and I couldn’t stop sneezing.

It’s been ages since I had an allergic reaction and it kept me awake all night.

The next night it wasn’t as bad and finally on the last night I didn’t have any allergic reaction at all.

My body had got completely used to it in just 7 days.

That got me thinking about something else.

Our bodies get used to the food we eat too, no matter how unhealthy the food is.

After you’ve been on a detox, your body has been cleared out of toxins.  

And then when you first eat junk food, you body often sends you a clear warning sign that it doesn’t want you to eat it.

Whether it’s indigestion, headache, digestive problem or some kind of allergic reaction like an itchy throat or just feeling wiped out.  

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That’s a clear sign that your body isn’t tolerating that food well.

By the way – it’s a different case when you’ve just started a detox and you experience those symptoms because that’s a sign of the toxins leaving your body.

But once your body is functioning properly, it will start giving you clues that it doesn’t like that food that you gave it.

But most people just ignore these warning signs.

Perhaps they don’t even link them to the food they ate.  

They might think it’s a strange, random symptom.

And if you ignore the warning signs, guess what happens?

Your body stops sending you warning signs, and you appear to get used to the food that was causing you problems.

Except that’s not the case. The food continues to cause problems in your body that you are unaware of.

And one day, seemingly out of the blue, you get a very clear sign that something is desperately wrong.

Perhaps you get a migraine, or are diagnosed with a disease, or diabetes, or you get some unexplained symptoms like Chronic Fatigue syndrome, or some random agonising pain, or allergic reactions so bad that you can’t function.

That’s your body sending you a very very strong message.

It’s time to listen to your body.

If your body is sending you a message, are you going to listen to it today?

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