New Year’s Resolutions – In February?

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There’s a new trend when it comes to new year resolutions…

People are now holding off starting their resolutions until February!

There are so many reasons for holding off until February…

But is it really a good idea to hold off?  

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people are holding off their healthy start until February.

I’ve got too much junk food still in my house

Some of my friends have told me that they’ve given up trying to eat healthy in January because they simply have too much junk food left in the house in January.

They spend the whole of January munching through all the junk and start their healthy eating in February.

I get it – because I used to do the same.

We all get sucked into buying SO many tempting treats for Christmas that we have masses of the stuff left over to eat.

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Even if we spent all day eating we still couldn’t get through all of this food.

I used to stock my freezer so full of Christmas dinner trimmings that we were still eating a daily Christmas dinner in February!  

Ha ha, I did that when I was pregnant one year and enjoyed my daily Christmas meals – but I did not feel good and my weight was piling on.

This year in January I actually had 10 boxes of chocolates left over. 10! Seriously!

And I totally understand why people keep eating this stuff…

It tastes good – and you’ve spent good money on it.

And who wants to throw away their money and tasty food?

My Dad has always been good at throwing away junk food to stop himself eating it.

But until this year I’ve never thrown away junk food. I just finished it and started eating healthy after it was gone.

But this year I was determined to get in the best shape of my life – the best health and also create a body that looks as good on the outside as I feel on the inside.

So I did something I’ve never done.

I threw away all those boxes of chocolates!

I was so proud of myself. You get such a feeling of being in control when you do this.

Because after all – the money has already been spent. You can’t get it back! (Well you can try if you still have your receipt).

So the question is, where are you going to put that junk food?

Is it going to live in the trash? Or on your body?

The choice is yours.

Your body is not a trash can!

So now that we’ve addressed the amount of junk food you have in your house, are there any other reasons for waiting until February?

I’m too tired in January

Yes, I read an article recently by a guy that was encouraging people to start their New Year’s Resolutions in February because…

They were simply too tired in January.

He said you are more likely to give up too early because you are too tired.

He does have a point.

Joining a gym and hammering your body at the same time as going on a cleanse and going through a detox can be just too much for your body to take.

But I don’t think that’s a good reason to put off getting healthy.

What I recommend is that people start slowly, and with just one small thing at a time.

So if you’re too tired for exercise – start by changing just one meal at a time until you’ve got so much energy you can’t wait to do more exercise.

I haven’t had any time to plan my new healthy habits

Another reason this guy gave for putting off a healthy start is to get organised. I do agree with his logic here. If you don’t make a plan for success you can plan to fail.

But I don’t agree that you need a whole month to plan.

Especially when it’s so easy to follow an existing done for you meal plan.

All you need to do is download the meal plan, take your shopping list to the store and buy the ingredients – spend 30 minutes or less in the kitchen and voila, a brand new energetic, slimmer, happier you.  

So why not make it easy for yourself?

If you’re too tired and you don’t have much time – don’t set yourself the task of following a complicated diet that takes you hours of prep time every day.

I recommend you spend just 2 minutes a day making a Green Thickie for breakfast and lunch and then 30 minutes or less making your evening dinner.

If you want an easy done for you meal plan that is based on clean eating AND is calorie counted to make sure you lose weight, I invite you to make a start with The Leaf System.

Even if you have tried and failed at your new year’s resolutions – or not even started yet, it’s never too late.

Now is the time!

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