One Tiny Drop Will Improve Your Clarity AND Squash Your Appetite

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One Tiny Drop Will Improve Your Clarity AND Squash Your Appetite

I always start my day in exactly the same way, with a little drop of something that helps wake me up in the morning without a single cup of coffee.

This little drop may be small but it certainly packs a punch.

What am I talking about?

Something so concentrated, so powerful, so pure that you only need one drop of it to power your whole day.

Peppermint oil.

Have you ever tried it?

Even if you have never actually used peppermint oil, no doubt you have eaten it before without even realising it.

If you’ve ever eaten mint candies, mint desserts, mint chewing gum, or even toothpaste (hopefully you are using a natural toothpaste if you’re actually swallowing it – otherwise you’d have to give poison control a call), then you will have eaten peppermint oil.

Peppermint oil is an essential oil extracted straight out of a mint leaf, and yes it’s just as edible as mint leaves are. (caution: see below)

I absolutely adore my peppermint oil and I use it for absolutely everything.

Everytime I’m feeling a bit sluggish, I breathe in some of this oil and I’m instantly perked up.

Or if I’m feeling hot and tired I pop a drop in my water and I’m instantly refreshed and raring to go.

I use it on my stomach every morning to help my digestion function better.

I get it out as soon as the wasps start swarming around me and they leave me, and my kids alone. They are particularly bad at this time of year here in Scotland.

I cool myself down with it when we’re abroad when the weather is hotter than I’m used to.  

There are so so many reasons why I use peppermint oil numerous times every day.

But my favourite reason of all is to put it in my smoothies.

Mint choc chip smoothie anyone?

There is no need to get out the mint leaves when a drop or two of peppermint oil does the job in seconds, and the taste it amazingly crisp and clean. There’s nothing quite like it for giving your mind and body a powerful wake up call.

If you are curious about trying peppermint oil – I do have a word of caution…

Please make sure your essential oil is therapeutic and food grade, or you may end up ingesting something you shouldn’t. Most essential oils are diluted with a number of chemicals – even if they say  100% pure on the label.  (legally they only have to contain 5% essential oil per bottle, so goodness knows what the other 95% is made up from)

So I encourage you to get peppermint oil that is actually 100% pure. If you are interested in getting yourself some more energy with some peppermint oil, I would love it if you used my link HERE.

Have you ever tried Peppermint oil? What have you used it for?

And if you would like to delve more into the world of essential oils and how they can detox your body – and save 24% off all your orders forever more, please click HERE.

Katherine ‘fresh, cool and supercharged’ Kyle

p.s. tomorrow we’re delving more into my smoothie filler system that keeps the hunger away while you lose weight

Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

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