The Deadly Ingredient Lurking In Your Herbal Tea

Did you know there are some scary ingredients lurking in our health foods? Generally people drink herbal tea and other health products because they are trying to be healthy. So it’s pretty deceptive that all sorts of nasty ingredients are lurking in there without us knowing about it. And what makes it worse is that you wouldn’t even know about it by reading the label. Yes they are that well hidden! Watch today’s video to find out how to identify these nasty ingredients and make sure your health products don’t contain any of these deadly ingredients.

How To Make Coconut Milk From Coconut Butter

Today I’m going to show you how to easily make coconut milk from coconut butter and water in seconds. No need to bother with prising open coconuts, or adding dried coconut that needs straining. I created this short video to show you how easy it is to whip up a quick cup of coconut milk that you can use in all of your Green Thickies! Read the blog post to find out why we need to avoid most store bought coconut milks, the difference between the 2 types of coconut milk, the secret name for coconut butter that will save you a fortune, and get my easy coconut milk recipe video.

2 Ingredient Homemade Protein Powder Recipe (Vegan, Hemp, Natural)

Although it seems like everyone on the planet is obsessed with protein powder, I wanted to dispel the myth that protein powder is good for you. Read my blog post to find out why protein powder is so bad for you, and why you need to switch to a homemade protein powder today. (Takes seconds to make!) I even made you a short video to show you exactly how to make your own protein powder using just 2 ingredients!
Once you switch to this homemade protein powder, you’re going to feel so much better, and watch as allergies melt away, not to mention your waistband shrinking!

10 Best Keto Bread Recipes

Here are 10 best keto bread recipes. So what’s so great about keto bread? Basically it’s very healthy, full of healthy fats and nourishing ingredients that will help you to feel fuller for longer AND give you even more energy. Let’s face it – sometimes we all need a bit of bread – even on a healthy diet. So now you can have bread again!

A Sneak Peak Behind The Scenes Of The Leaf System Weight Loss System

Today I’m giving you a sneak peak behind the scenes…you wouldn’t believe how much effort goes into making sure the meals I create are the healthiest, tastiest, quickest, calorie counted and most balanced meals you’ve ever tasted!
I wanted to make sure that you got the best results of your life and enjoyed every single bite or sip along the way.
So I thought I’d shoot a quick video for you that explains exactly what goes into the process of creating these meal plans for you. Enjoy!

How To Lose Weight Well

Guess what? Green Thickies has now been on TV! Green Thickies was featured on a major TV channel called Channel 4 on a documentary called How To Lose Weight Well.
They put Green Thickies 7 Day Green Smoothie Diet Plan to the test to see how well it would perform and whether the lady who tried it lost any weight!

20 Green Thickie Fillers: How To Make Smoothies That Keep You Full For Hours

We all know how good smoothies are for us right?

I don’t know about you, but I find I’m hungry an hour after drinking a smoothie, they are more like an expensive snack than a meal, and all that snacking can actually lead to weight gain if we’re not careful!

So what’s the solution?

Today I am sharing 20 healthy smoothie ingredients that you can throw in your blender that are going to stop you feeling hungry and help you lose weight and radically improve your health.

Check out my video…

Basic Green Thickie Recipe (Video)

It’s time to go back to basics… Although I have already published this recipe on my blog, I’ve shot a video recipe for you, so you can see how quick and easy it is to make the Basic Green Thickie Recipe! If you don’t know what a Green Thickie is, it is a complete meal green smoothie containing all the healthy fats and protein you need to fill you up from one meal to another, AND help you to lose weight in the process. Watch the brand new video and see how easy it is to make a delicious meal in just 2 minutes

The TRUTH About Exercise For Weight Loss

I know a lot of people who never switch their diet, but they start going to the gym for hours each day to try and shift the excess weight they are carrying.

In today’s video I reveal the truth about whether exercise helps you to lose weight.

3 Ways To COMPLETELY Avoid Any Detox Symptoms

Today I’m going to share 3 ways you can avoid any detox symptoms. When you are detoxing by changing your diet to a more healthy diet, you might experience detox symptoms. This can happen when you give up coffee, refined sugar, gluten or dairy because it finally allows the body to remove stored toxins. When the toxins leave the body it can give you symptoms such as a headache or tiredness.