How To Completely Prevent Yeast Infections With One Easy Addition To Your Diet

How To Completely Prevent Yeast Infections With One Easy Addition To Your Diet

Nobody likes yeast infections. Seriously. Itchy, oozy and uncomfortable. Not to mention embarassing. I battled yeast infections for years, willing to try just about anything to get relief. I found out early on that I was allergic to the most popular over the counter product, so this led me on a quest to fight yeast infections without medication.

I gave the medications a chance. Actually lots of chances. I tried them again and again, but my yeast infections kept coming back. I also tried some home remedies with varying success.

There is a short term solution and a long term solution

So, I discovered the absolute best short term solution to get rid of the symptoms, which I describe in my post here. But if you want to get rid of yeast, forever, you have to do more. And it’s actually not that hard, but takes some commitment.

The long term, secret weapon against yeast infections. Goodbye forever!

By now you really want to know what it is, right?

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Fermented foods.

What, the what?

You read that right.

Fermented foods.

Back in the olden days before preservatives and refrigeration, lots of people (every culture in the world, in fact) fermented their foods to preserve them and yeast infections were rare.

This is because foods ferment by allowing good bacterias to feed on the sugars in the foods and multiply. You have heard of pro-biotics, right? Well, fermented foods are packed with pro-biotics that your body desperately needs in order to boost the immune system and fight off invaders like yeast.

What exactly ARE fermented foods?

Fermented foods are foods that good bacterias or “cultures” have been introduced to. These cultures feed on the sugars in the food and in the process they preserve and slightly “sour” the foods, adding flavor and vitamins that didn’t previously exist in the foods.

Most fermented foods these days must be made at home, because most products you buy in the store use more modern processing methods that kill off any beneficial bacterias (which is how we got in this mess in the first place). Some examples of easy to make fermented foods are:

1. Yogurt

2. Kefir

3. Water kefir (homemade soda)

4. Sauerkraut

5. Kimchi

When I started making fermented foods and included them in my daily diet, my yeast infections disappeared.

I’m serious. I was amazed.

I usually made a kefir smoothie for breakfast. But if I forgot, I would start to feel it coming back. However, over time as the good bacteria started taking root in my body I felt better in general and I was no longer susceptible to yeast infections.

It took effort, but believe me, it was worth it. And now I don’t have to worry about them anymore. And I love these foods. They are delicious and nutritious. Don’t take my word for it though. Try it yourself.

To get you started, I have collected 25 fermentation recipes you can’t wait to try!

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How To Completely Prevent Yeast Infections With One Easy Addition To Your Diet

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  1. Thanks for the article Kat! I love fermented foods but had no idea they could help to prevent yeast infections. I keep hearing that it’s dangerous to make your own fermented foods at home because you’re dealing with live bacteria and it can sometimes go wrong. What do you think about this?

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