Your Questions Answered 1: What are the benefits of adding greens to my smoothie?

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This is the start of a new blog series where I answer all your questions.

Thank you so much for all your emails.  I have been trying to reply to all your emails but the more emails I get the more impossible it gets to reply to them all, so I’ve decided I’m going to regularly do these ‘Your Questions Answered’  posts to answer your questions here.

A lot of people ask the same types of questions so it will be good to find the answers to common questions all in one place.

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And now for my first question of the day, that was asked by Christi.  She asks:

Q: What do the greens do for the drink? (I have to keep my Vitamin K levels low so can’t eat many greens)

Benefits of adding leafy greens to your smoothies

A:   Not all diets are suitable for everybody.  Some of us will have food allergies or intolerances that prevent us eating foods that others believe are healthy.

So Christi, if you know a certain food doesn’t agree with you, I would suggest that you avoid it, but bring your whole diet back to basics adding more fruit, vegetables and other healthy food to your diet.  Eat simply for a while, increasing the amount of raw food for nutrients and after a while and you may find you can tolerate more foods such as greens in your diet again in the future.

Your Questions Answered 1: What are the benefits of adding greens to my smoothie?But if you know you can’t eat many greens, there are still some benefits in eating them, even if it’s just a small amount at the moment.

Greens have nutrients that are very highly concentrated for very few calories.  That means you can get extremely healthy, lose loads of weight and eat big portions of food when you eat a large amount of greens in your diet.

I adore bulking my main meals out with a massive salad so it lasts for longer and my stomach feels lovely and full.

And as you know,  I enjoy cramming as many nutrients as possible into my Green Thickies which helps me to feel full of energy each and every day.

Here are some nutrients that you can get from leafy greens:

  • Magnesium: This is very highly supplemented and is needed for energy.  But increase your leafy green intake and you may find you don’t have to supplement any more.
  • Calcium: This is needed to help keep bones strong.  There is some debate about where to get our calcium from, but nobody is denying that we definitely need it.  People often forget to supplement calcium but if they eat enough leafy greens they can definitely get enough of this mineral.
  • Potassium: We need potassium to help our muscles to contract and relax, and for our nerves to transmit their impulses.  Another good source of potassium is fruit.
  • Manganese: Good for preventing strokes.  Sounds like a good reason to eat leafy greens to me.
  • Folate: This helps prevent heart disease.  Leafy greens contain a good amount of folate which is essential for us all.
  • Betaine: This helps to maintain liver health and is found in high numbers in spinach.

Of course to cover your bases you may want to take a Vitamin tablet or make sure you track all your nutrients on a website such as cronometer.  I think using cronometer may be very useful for you Christy as you are limited to the amount of greens you can eat.  This means you can find alternative sources of nutrients more easily.

Now if some of you are wondering what types of leafy greens to eat you can read my 10 Best Greens for Green Smoothies.

Thanks again for your interesting question Christy.  I’m sure others will have benefited from you asking this.

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