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The Secret To Dramatically Improved Health In Just 20 Minutes A Day (Part 4)

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The Secret To Dramatically Improved Health In Just 20 Minutes A Day (Part 4)

Sunshine: Can we truly feel alive without daily fresh air?

Sunshine: Can we truly feel alive without daily fresh air?

My first time sandboarding in Cape Town. What an amazing feeling to feel so free and alive. I was having too much fun to realise I was actually doing exercise.

We can’t reach our full health potential if we don’t get outside at all. 

Our buildings suffocate us with the stale air and artificial life. 

We are made to spend most of our time outside. 

Everything in this world with life grows in the sun.  Plants can’t survive without it and neither can we. 

Just observe children playing and they will teach you more about being naturally healthy than you can learn from a book. 

The first thing children generally want to do is play outside in the fresh air.  They are drawn to it. 

They love exploring nature, running on the grass, watching birds, picking up insects and making dens and camps outside. 

We should be out there with them playing, walking or working in the fresh outdoors.

Of course we have a million reasons for not getting outside anymore.  Here are some of mine and how these can be overcome:

I don’t have any time: Decide yourself this is the most important thing you can do for your health today.

Write it in your diary and cancel all other plans. 

When my baby was born I decided I was going to walk with her every day without fail to give her some fresh air. 

I had to leave the washing up until the evening sometimes or not arrange to meet up with a friend during that time, but friends may well join you if you ask them. 

I found it easy to get out every day during summer but when we had thick snow in winter, biting winds and grey miserable sky with lashing rain I found it a lot harder.

It’s too cold/wet/miserable/hot: You can always prepare for the weather by changing the clothes you are wearing, protecting yourself from the elements and shortening the time you are out walking if the weather is extreme. 

Dog walkers still have to take their dogs out regardless of the weather. 

Start thinking of yourself as just as important as those dogs, we also have to get outside into the fresh air and release energy.

Keswick: The Lake District: Cumbria: UK: It's too cold for exercise

Most of the time it was cold, wet and grey in The Lake District, UK where I grew up but you just have to seize every opportunity to get outside

I work all day: It’s very hard to squeeze in a walk outside when you work long hours. 

How about making yourself a green smoothie/thickie for your lunch and taking a walk while you drink it?

Or take two 10 minute walking breaks throughout the day if you’re able to do that. 

Get into work 20 minutes early and go for a walk or leave 20 minutes later after a walk. 

Walk in the morning before work or the afternoon after work. 

I used to cycle to work for 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back every day. 

Even though I sat at my desk for 9 hours a day I felt much more energised than my colleagues and managed to avoid all the bugs that went round the office for the 3 years I was working there.

I don’t have the energy: Just start slowly. 

Walk for 1 minute the first day and increase by 1 minute every day. 

You’ll soon build up your fitness.

Congratulate yourself on every single achievement no matter how small.

A great thing you can do outside is gardening. 

Gardening is one of the single most effective things you can do for your health. 

When you plant fruits and vegetables you will eat the most healthy food you will ever get your hands on, get great exercise, fresh air and sunshine, connect with nature and be more in tune with the natural rhythms of life which helps you sleep better, and just surrounding yourself with natural beauty really gives your mood a big boost. 

I’ve just moved into a house with a garden which I’ve never had before, so I’m very excited to be able to start growing my own vegetables. 

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can use a patio or balcony, even a window sill to grow some vegetables or herbs. 

Try and get outside for at least 20 minutes every day and see how much better you feel in a couple of weeks.

If you really can’t get outside, even sitting next to an open window or sleeping with the window open is extremely beneficial. 

Exercise in the fresh air is also the best thing that you can do for your state of mind and lifts depression.

Have a healthy day

Talk soon,


Katherine xx


Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

Founder at Green Thickies
Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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