Are You Showing Signs Of A Magnesium Deficiency?

Are You Showing Signs Of A Magnesium Deficiency?

Did you know that over 80% of people are suffering from a magnesium deficiency?

If you’re not supplementing magnesium that makes it very likely that you’ll be within this 80%.

Unfortunately magnesium is one of the things that is rarely tested for, so it’s not picked up.

And a magnesium deficiency can cause a great number of quite severe health problems.

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Watch this video to find out if you might be lacking in magnesium and what to do about it.  (And it’s not quite as simple as taking a magnesium pill!):

Today I’m talking about the benefits of magnesium.

You may or may not have heard, but magnesium is absolutely essential for our bodies.

Unfortunately, most of us are not getting anywhere near the amount of magnesium that we need.

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Did you know that over 80% of people have a very strong deficiency in magnesium?

It’s probably actually a lot higher than 80% because that’s only the percentage of people who have been tested.

It’s very, very difficult to test for magnesium deficiencies and most people cannot test for this at all.

It doesn’t really show up on tests and doctors don’t offer to do tests.

And people can’t really test whether or not you are deficient in magnesium.

But, most people are completely deficient because, first, in this modern age, it’s very, very difficult to get the right amount of magnesium into our bodies because the soil is so depleted in magnesium.

Even when do we eat foods that are higher in magnesium, our digestions are so poor that we’re just not absorbing the magnesium from the foods.

Basically, magnesium is one of the supplements that we all have to be supplementing with even if we have a healthy diet.

If not it can cause so many different health problems.

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It can cause over 300 different types of health problems that most people like doctors would never ever put it down to a magnesium deficiency. But a lot of people see these health problems improve when they start supplementing with magnesium.

There are so many health problems with things like pain, insomnia, digestive problems, PMS, hormonal problems, anxiety, even tooth cavities.

There are so many different things because basically magnesium is so essential for other minerals and vitamins to work inside the body that it’s one of the most important minerals in the body.

If we are deficient in it, then so much of the other stuff or the other food that we’re eating is just not going to be used in the right way by the body.

Benefits Of Using Magnesium

Basically, you can improve a lot of your health problems from using magnesium.

Because a lot of people can be stressed, weird and anxious and because they don’t have enough magnesium in the body and as soon as you start to use magnesium, you feel calm, relaxed, you can sleep better.

For that reason, a lot of people choose to use magnesium at nighttime because it can really help you sleep.

It can help with insomnia and that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I’ve been using a spray at nighttime on my body.

The thing about supplements is that; what they found out was if you take an oral magnesium supplement only 8% to 10% of the supplement is being absorbed by the body.

The problem is when you take an oral magnesium supplement, it can cause a lot of stress on the body so it’s not ideal to take an oral magnesium supplement because, one, it won’t work.

And, two, if it does work, it’s going to put a strain on the organs.

What they found was, it was actually better to put the magnesium on the outside of your body and have it absorbed in and it was a much better way to absorb the magnesium.

They found that using a magnesium spray is one of the best ways to get the magnesium onto the body.

They also found that the type of magnesium really, really matters loads because there’s certain types of magnesium that are much more toxic to the human body and they cause problems like running to the toilet.

They’ve got loose bowels and things like that and that’s obviously not ideal.  You don’t want to be doing that just at anytime of the day, really.

You have to find a magnesium supplement that doesn’t cause you to do that.

The type of magnesium supplement you want to look for is iMCH.

iMCH is contained in the magnesium that I have been using for the last few months and it’s called EASE.

iMCH, that’s the magnesium supplement and EASE is the spray.

This spray has only two ingredients and they are magnesium (the right type of magnesium), and purified water.

I absolutely love this magnesium spray because before that I was using a spray that had a lot of other ingredients in it. And it made my skin really, really sticky and horrible.  All night I just felt the stickiness that just never really went away and it doesn’t feel nice.

It does not feel nice when you go to bed and everything feels sticky and that stops you sleeping and stops you from having the desired healthy effect.

With this spray that I’m using now, all you do is you just spray it on, I think about 30 times, and you just rub it into your skin and it absorbs within a couple of seconds and it goes away.

You can’t feel anything at all which is why I love it. And I did not get any horrible side effects at all either.

And I’ve not had any running to the toilet and I only felt my health improving everyday.

And one thing I noticed which I’m not sure … (there could have been other things I could have attributed it too) but it’s my menstrual cycle. It’s always been very, very short at 21 days which is not right. It should be 28 days.

This is obviously a hormonal problem but when I started using this spray my cycle went to 28 days and my PMS symptoms reduced.

My moodiness at that time of the month completely went away which was amazing.

And then I actually forgot to use it.

I think it was for about the last two weeks and I’ve just had a 21 day cycle again so I need to do a bit more experimenting with it and make sure I don’t forget to use it myself because it did seem to make a massive difference.

For the last two weeks I’ve not been feeling as good as I was prior to that.

I’ve only just realised that myself so I am definitely going to make sure that I use it myself and take my own advice because it did seem to work wonders for me.

I would love for you to find out more about magnesium and I am going to link to a free video series that you can go to and read more about magnesium, how essential it is for your body and how to get more of it and the right types of magnesium.

I will also leave a link to this magnesium spray that I absolutely love.

I would love for you to share this video, like this video, comment on this video and please go and subscribe to my YouTube channel because I am always doing experiments on my health and I bring you the information and how well things worked for me.

Every week, I put out new videos sharing all this with you which I absolutely love to do.

Leave me a comment and let me know your experiences with magnesium and how you’ve seen your health improve as a result.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Take care. Have a great day and I will see you soon.

Resources mentioned in today’s video:

  • EASE Magnesium Spray

I adore this magnesium spray.  It is so much better than any other magnesium spray I’ve tried. It absorbs in seconds, it is light, not sticky and does not cause me any negative laxative side effects. Best of all – I just feel a lot better when I consistently use this spray. Get your free sample by clicking here.

Are You Showing Signs Of A Magnesium Deficiency?

  • Magnesium Video Series

Want to learn more about magnesium?  Watch this fabulous video series and be amazed! Click here to watch FREE.


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Thanks so much!

Katherine xxx

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