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What I ate Weekly #3: Smoothies for weight loss case study 5

Basic Green Thickie Recipe

What I ate Weekly 3: Smoothies for weight loss

I am continuing to share what I’m eating to lose 33 pounds to get back to my pre-pregnancy ideal weight.  I am going to share my weekly food intake with you once a week until I reach my ideal weight again.  You can read what I ate last week to see how I lost a massive 5lbs!

What I Ate Weekly is an extension of the popular What I ate Wednesday which is an event run by Peas & Crayons blog, where people share what they ate in one day of the week.  Now I’m taking that one step further and showing you what I ate for the whole week!

What I ate Weekly 3: Smoothies for weight lossThe third week on my new diet


  • Date:  23 July
  • Start weight: 150 pounds (10 stones, 10 lbs, 68KG).  This may not seem that heavy to you but for my small height of 5 ft 3 it puts me into the overweight category.
  • Weight on weigh in day: 142 pounds (10 stones, 2 lbs, 64KG)
  • Goal weight: 117 pounds (8 stones 5 lbs, 53 KG) This is the weight that I naturally seem to end up at when I remain eating healthily for a long time.  I’ve been this weight before both pregnancies and it’s still well within my healthy range.
  • Weight loss this week: 1lb.  After sticking to my diet 100% last week and managing to lose 5lbs, I knew that kind of progress couldn’t continue.  After initial water weight loss we can expect to healthily lose 1-2lbs a week so I knew I would be happy as long as the scales kept going down.  I would have been happier with 2lbs this week but I did indulge again at the weekend so I’m pleased I actually lost anything at all!
  • Total weight loss: 8lbs.  I’m really pleased with my progress and it’s a great feeling that now I only have 25 more pounds to lose.
  • Health improvements: This week I’ve been feeling pretty good.  My digestion has massively improved and I haven’t had any stomach aches at all this week which I usually get when I’m run down and exhausted.
  • Exercise taken: Just more short walks with my heavy double buggy.  I’ve been thinking of starting some workout dvds but haven’t quite got around to it yet.

All the food I ate this week:

This week I’ve been testing more of the recipes for my new ebook again.  I’ve finished my ebook now and the diet is currently with my testers.  (Thank you everyone who applied) and I’ll be testing my plan for the next few weeks to check the recipes work, see if I lose weight and feel more healthy.  I can’t wait to share my final book with you when it finally goes on sale, but in the meantime you can have a look at some of the recipes I ate this week.  I’m not selling my ebook just yet but if you want to read more about it you can read all about my Green Thickies 7 Day Diet Plan here.  So far smoothies for weight loss are continuing to work extremely well for me.

I start my week on a Tuesday as I get my shopping on Monday and prepare my food for the following day.  This is everything I ate this week:


Breakfast and Lunch: 1 serving of Waldorf salad green thickie for breakfast and 1 serving for lunch.

 Waldorf Salad Green Thickie

Dinner: Speedy Hummus and Mango Salad Wrap: I just love how quick this meal is, no cooking required!

Speedy Hummus and Mango Salad Wrap


Breakfast and Lunch: Another serving of Waldorf salad green thickie for breakfast and another serving for lunch

Dinner: Another serving of my Speedy Hummus and Mango Salad Wrap:


Breakfast and Lunch: 1 serving of Lemon Meringue Pie green thickie for breakfast and another serving for lunch.  This is another popular smoothie that people seem to want to eat for every single breakfast from now on.

Lemon Meringue Pie Smoothie

Dinner: Pesto & Spinach Pasta with Toasted Pinenuts.  This is pesto with a twist as it has no cheese and no oil in it.  I think I actually prefer my healthy vegan version of pesto.

Pesto & Spinach Pasta with Toasted Pinenuts


Breakfast and Lunch: Another serving of Lemon Meringue Pie green thickie for breakfast and another serving for lunch

Dinner: Another serving of my Pesto & Spinach Pasta with Toasted Pinenuts


Breakfast and Lunch: 1 serving of Chocolate Orange green thickie for breakfast and another serving for lunch

Chocolate Orange Smoothie

Dinner: It was our anniversary so we decided to get a chinese takeaway.  Not ideal but I really enjoyed it!  I always split my takeaways into two meals which is good as I don’t eat so much in one meal, but it does mean I have two days where I’m not eating healthy food for dinner.  I got Kung Po Beancurd (tofu) with noodles and crispy seaweed.  This is one of my favourite meals and I really need to find a healthy recipe so I can make it myself!  I managed to not go crazy and pig out on more food after I’d finished my dinner like I normally would.  Holding myself accountable in this way is really helping me not overindulge in my food as I know I’m going to have to blog about it the following week.


Breakfast and Lunch: Another serving of Chocolate Orange green thickie for breakfast and another serving for lunch

Dinner: Another portion of my chinese takeaway left over from last night.


Breakfast and Lunch: Another serving of Mango and Apple green thickie for breakfast and another serving for lunch

Dinner: Orange Balsamic Roasted Vegetables & Potatoes with Bean Hash.  I can’t believe how many great flavours there are in this meal and how easy it is to roast vegetables and potatoes without any oil!

Roasted Potatoes and Veg

I am getting some positive and very useful feedback back from the testers of my ebook so I’m very excited that other people are also able to follow the diet and get some great results.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

I have also decided that to motivate myself even further and help others at the same time, I am going to donate some money to charity when I lose weight.  For every 2 pounds that I lose I’m going to donate enough money (£10.70) to feed a child for a whole year. I’ll be thinking about these hungry children when I’m tempted to overindulge in something unhealthy.  I’m going to support Mary’s Meals which is set up by Martha who is a school girl who blogged about her school dinnersand became so popular that she was able to raise a fortune for charity.  It actually takes very little to feed one child for a whole year so I’m going to commit to that from now on.  You can have a look at Mary’s meals and donate here too.


Katherine Kyle @ Green Thickies

Founder at Green Thickies
Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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  1. Really enjoying this series – Congrats on your progress!

  2. Jenny$1983 says

    The recipes sound amazing! This recipe could be what you’re looking for: http://www.theveganhousehold.com/mains/kung-pao-tofu-with-baby-corn-and-toasted-chashews/ There are some brilliant recipes on that site, including easy homemade seitan.

    I’m loving hummus lately! So quick and easy to make at home too, with any flavourings you want. I love it with mashed avocado and tomato puree :)

    Congratulations on your weight loss, and I love that you’re combining it with charity; I saw that little girl on BBC Breakfast a while ago, she is extremely inspiring – if only everyone were more like her <3

    • Wow thanks Jenny! You always know where to find the best recipes. Yum. I’m seriously going to have to try this. It’s got to be so much healthier than the sugar laden deep fried one from the chinese. Yum. Thank you, yes Martha is amazing isn’t she.

  3. Are you posting these recipes? I would love to try the lemon meringue pie green thickie, but I couldn’t locate the recipe.

    • I will be publishing them in my ebook that I will be releasing very soon. I’ll also be publishing a few recipes on my blog from the book. Thank you for letting me know which one you are most interested in so I can tell which will be the most popular to post.

  4. I am interested in the Waldorf salad green thickie receipe, as well as the lemon meringue pie green thickie. I need to have more greens in my life and I think I would rather drink ’em than eat ’em! : )

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