10 Awesome New Ways to Eat More Fruits for Health

10 Inventive New Ways to Eat More Fruits for Awesome Health

10 new ways to add fruit to every single meal

Ways to enjoy eating fruits for health

Fruit can be very boring compared to other more highly processed foods on offer. 

At times I can honestly say even eating fruits for health is the last thing I want to do. 

It is supposed to be natures candy, but let’s face it – real candy is so much more alluring.

Even when it’s summer here in Scotland a lot of the time it’s cold and wet, and eating unripe, old fruit that’s been sitting in a supermarket for weeks isn’t really that appealing.

But – did you know that eating an abundance of fruit in your daily diet is actually life changing?

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So I resolve to carry on eating fruit even though in it’s raw state, I don’t find it too exciting.

So how do I get through so much of it?  I’ve got some great tips to share with you on eating fruit when you are really struggling to eat much of it.

I buy so many fruits for health that they fill my whole dining table

I buy so much fruit that it fills my whole dining table. One fruit bowl just isn’t going to cut it in my house.

I used to hate fruit and sometimes I still don’t enjoy eating it on it’s own.  I think it’s mainly down to the cold weather where I live and the fact that most of the fruit is picked unripe.

So after it’s been sitting on the shelves of the store for a few weeks, it’s tasteless, hard, bland and very boring.  Not so good when you’re trying to be healthy and you know the best way to be healthier is to eat your fruit and greens.

Fruits for health

We all know that raw fruit is one of the healthiest things you can eat.  Some say it’s actually our most perfect food because it’s sweet, easy to eat, comes in it’s very own wrapper so we can take it with us and it can be eaten exactly as it is without cooking or any other processing.

It’s got all the nutrients we need for health in perfectly balanced proportions.  You would have thought we’d be really enjoying nature’s perfect food but our taste buds have been so warped by adding so much sugar to everything that we forget how good raw naturally fruit is supposed to taste.  So we could all use a little help in getting more fruit into our bodies.

So I’m going to share some tips with you to make eating fruit much easier if you struggle with it as much as I do.  Here are my top tips to get more fruit into your diet:

10 Awesome New Ways to Eat More Fruits for Health

  1. Fruits for health: One way to get more fruit into your diet is to add them to your salad.Add chopped fruit to your salad.  You’d be surprised how much a salad comes to life when you add fruit to it.  It really does create the perfectly balanced meal for your tastebuds.  There’s not too much fruit and not too much savoury.  Try it with all different kinds of fruit.  I’ve yet to find a fruit that doesn’t go with a salad.  This recipe for a Watermelon, Avocado Fennel smoothie is a great example.  Simply chop up the ingredients and mix it in a bowl instead of blending it for a smoothie. This salad is my favourite salad every and everyone I make it for completely agrees.  If you want a fresh taste of summer, this recipe can’t be beaten.  It also explains how to make a watermelon smoothie out of the same ingredients.
  2. Mix chopped fruit into your warm main dish.  If you are having a hot meal in the evening, sprinkle some chopped fruit all over the top of the dish.  It sounds disgusting but this actually really works too, especially if you serve it with a green salad.  If you can’t bear to mix your fruit with your savoury meal, serve it on the side with a salad.
  3. Make an interesting fruit salad.  My baby and I were getting so bored of eating plain fruit so I made a different fruit salad every day and added various different toppings and dressings to it which completely change the taste of it.  If you’ve ever sprinkled lemon juice on a plain banana you’ll understand how different it tastes.  Try these toppings: lemon juice, lime juice, orange juice and zest, toasted nuts and seeds, shredded coconut, coconut milk, dried fruit, ground vanilla, cinnamon, ginger, mint, basil, parsley, cilantro/coriander, and  healthy sweeteners.
  4. Fruits for health. Another great way to get fruits in your diet is to have a daily green thickie smoothieOf course, make a Green Thickie.  The oats in the thickie make me feel like I’m having a warming bowl of porridge in the winter.  I find green smoothies hard to drink when I’m cold, but a green thickie is totally different.  It’s thick, filling, substantial and very easy to drink regardless of the weather.
  5. Add fruit to your savoury sauce, such as cherries or strawberries. or make a Fruit pizza!
  6. Make healthy desserts out of fruit such as raw chocolate pudding or any raw desserts.
  7. Make fruit puddings.  Just blend your fruit without the water.  You might need a more powerful blender for this depending on the fruit you use.
  8. Make salsa from fruit and salad veg.  These are great with any meal.
  9. Add fruit to your sandwich.  I used to adore grapes in any sandwich.  (I don’t really eat sandwiches now)
  10. Make a dip to serve with your fruit.  Cut your fruit into crudities to serve with the dip.
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Fruits for health: Sometimes a bowl of fruit isn't that appealing

So there you go, 10 different ways to get as much fruit as you possibly can into your diet.  So there’s no excuse not to eat more fruit now.  My motto is if you keep eating at least some raw fruit or vegetables with each meal you eat, soon you’ll be craving more of the raw food and less cooked food which is much healthier.

That’s what happened to me and I didn’t think I’d ever prefer fruit and vegetables over a stodgy creamy warm meal but that’s what my palate is deciding for me now as I’ve been making an effort to just eat greens and fruits for health and now I am actually getting a taste for it and really craving it.  I really hope the same happens for you.

How do you make sure you get more fruit into your diet?  Do you enjoy eating fruit?

And if you would like to follow a set – calorie controlled healthy meal plan with an abundance of fruit, with meals that are never boring – you are going to love The Leaf System.  Check that out here. 

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10 Inventive New Ways to Eat More Fruits for Awesome Health

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  1. Barb @ Frugal Local Kitchen says

    I’ve always tried to eat fruit; eating veggies was easy. As a mom, I felt a bit guilty eating fruit that I saw as being for my kids. Now that I’m using the Paleo diet as a template, I don’t feel so guilty about the fruit consumption. I love your 10 ways to include fruit, especially adding it to salads.

    • Thank you for visiting. I know exactly what you mean about feeling guilty about eating fruit. When we started our baby on solid food we did baby led weaning where she would eat her own food but she threw most of it on the floor. There was so much waste so I felt guilty about eating even more fruit when it could have been something she might have eaten. Now I’ve learned not to give her so much and we also now eat exactly the same food so neither or us has to go without or is tempted by the other person’s food.

  2. I love eating fruit – I would struggle to name a fruit I don’t like! You’ve got some great tips here for including more fruit in your diet – a great way to benefit from all the wonderful vitamins and antioxidants it contains.

    • Thank you very much. I used to hate fruit and I really had to force myself to eat more fruit to get healthy, but now I’m finding that the more fruit I eat, the more fruit I’m actually craving. I think when you give your body what it actually needs to function best it stops craving unhealthy foods. We don’t get the best fruit here in the UK, a lot of it is unripe or tasteless so I’m grateful for smoothies and it always tastes much better in a salad.

  3. I aadore fruits so I can never have enough – a wonderful post :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  4. hi…..thanx for such great tips to add more fruit to m y diet …..i love fruits n i can have at any time of the day….but i want one suggestion how can i have a green thickie in winters ..its so cold in december n having a thickie in the breakfast does nt feel good…i hope u understand…plz suggest….:)

    • Hi, I know exactly what you mean. I’ve been feeling the same way too lately. I invented the green thickie as a way to save me time while still getting my fruit and greens. I think our bodies naturally crave more warm food in winter. Sometimes I struggle with my smoothies and sit and shiver for a while and other times I just have a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with a warm bowl of porridge and add some chopped fruit to that at the last minute. I cook my greens in soups and stews but I still try and have some raw greens at least a few times during the week.

  5. thank you so much for your suggestion…i will really keep this in mind….:)

  6. I have 2 thickies a day. Both with banana avocado strawberries blueberries mango and spinach nigella seeds Natural set yogurt and coconut milk.. Definately more than 5 a day haven’t had a cold or bug since.. And the fat not weight is still slowly melting off .. Result!!!

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