5 Reasons Why The Japanese Don’t Get FAT

5 Reasons Why The Japanese Dont Get Fat

Did you know that the Japanese have the longest life expectancy in the world?  It’s no coincidence that with good health, an ideal weight is also easily achieved.  The Japanese have a 3% obesity rate compared to a whopping 35% in the USA.

So what do the Japanese do to stay healthy and slim?

1 Why The Japanese Diet Is Perfect For Staying Slim

eggplant teriyaki vegan avocado cucumber sushi. toning. selective focusThe Japanese make their meals themselves.  Traditionally they don’t eat processed ready meals or fast food.  They cook their own meals.  They eat simple food such as fish, rice and vegetables, soup and fruit.

Most people generally return to their ideal weight once they start making all their own meals cooked with local fresh food regardless of the diet.

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The Japanese also eat a good amount of omega 3 fatty acids which is essential for a long healthy life.  They also eat 5 times the amount of cruciferous vegetables that Americans do.

2 How The Japanese Squeeze In Regular Exercise Even With A Busy Lifestyle

Asian business people in a city

The Japanese naturally do a lot more gentle exercise than Americans as cars are a luxury in Japan.  So to commute to work, they either have to walk, cycle or get the train.  Even on a train, they stand up due to lack of space.

There is a correlation between the amount of time you spend sitting every day and life expectancy.  Because the Japanese stand and walk a lot more, they live longer.  Regular exercise is also great for achieving an ideal weight.

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3 How The Japanese Naturally Prevent Gut Damage

Kimchi cabbage. Korean appetizer in a ceramic jar, horizontal

Did you know that when you have a damaged gut by eating unnatural foods, it’s very hard for the body to absorb nutrients.  This can lead to health problems and weight gain.

The Japanese eat food which is easy to digest and doesn’t cause their gut damage so their bodies are generally healthier.

They also eat a lot of fermented food such as miso and kimchi which is very good for the digestion.

Japanese portion sizes are also a lot smaller than American portion sizes so the digestion never has to work too hard to process big heavy meals.

4 How The Japanese Protect Their Posture

Japanese friends having a great time together kneeling sitting at a low Japanese table

The Japanese have excellent posture because they adopt the Seiza which is the formal way to sit in Japan.   It is sitting on your heels like this.

This is the natural way for us all to sit.  It is unnatural for us to sit in chairs all day and it is extremely damaging for our muscles.  The way we sit in the west is very unhealthy. You can read more about why sitting is killing you here.

5 How The Japanese Make Sure Future Generations Remain Healthy And Slim

Japanese family praying together

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Finally, there is one last element to a long healthy life which includes not having to worry about your weight.  That is simply education.

In the past all societies passed their knowledge down from generation to generation.  They knew what the best practices were for staying healthy, slim, getting along together and protecting themselves.

Watch this video to find out why it is so easy to be thin in Japan.

Unfortunately, even in Japan, the Western influence is creeping in and very rapidly changing a once, extremely healthy country, to a declining health population.  But the Japanese are currently still a lot healthier than we are.  Simply because the older generations are still passing down the age old wisdom about diet and lifestyle to their children.

These days we simply don’t have the health knowledge to pass down to our kids.  We have been convinced into buying fast ready meals, driving on long commutes and sitting at office jobs all day long.  That is how our society functions.  And the truth is we’re not functioning very well.

It’s time to go back to basics, back to the old traditions that had been working for our ancestors for generations.  We need to learn the secrets that should have been passed down to us but haven’t been.

Which of these strategies are you most likely to try?

How We Can Lose Weight In A Healthy Way (Without Eating Fermented Cabbage!)

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5 Reasons Why The Japanese Dont Get Fat

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  1. They also have the highest suicide rate in the world.

    • dawn,
      Are you kidding me?! Better do some research before you blurt out such stupid remarks…Japanese DO NOT have the highest suicide rate in the world! Geeeezzzz

      They are generally thinner and healthier because of genetics, environment, diet, meditation, honor and self-dignity, respect for others, etc. We Americans live in dangerous places with little self-dignity, respect for others, honor, no meditation, grease-ladened and sugary diets, and bad genetics. I love my country, but we do have flaws. The melting pot here has brought culminations of poor genetics and unhealthy citizens to the surface. And although we do have some of the best healthcare around, many Americans do not have access. We all need to de-stress, unwind, decompress, and show love to each other.

  2. I had a Japanese friend in our class during med school – this is in Krakow. She came over average sized. But during her first year she gained bit of weight – she ate a lot of fries, kebabs, proccessed meats and other junk food. Now that she’s back in Japan she lost the weight. Justshows how food choices affect our body.

  3. Kimchi is Korean.

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