You’re Drinking Your Smoothie Wrong!

The Correct Way To Drink A Smoothie 1So what is the correct way to drink a smoothie?

Surely this is a no brainer? You pick up the smoothie, sip and swallow right?  

It’s not quite as simple as this!  

My goal is to help you get the healthiest you can possibly be and that means improving your digestion and helping your body adjust to new foods in a gentle way.

In today’s video I’m sharing the correct way to drink a smoothie!


Hi, Katherine here from, and today I am going to show you the correct way to drink a smoothie.

Now, you might be wondering, “Why on earth do I need to be taught how to drink a smoothie? You just grab the glass and drink.” Simple, right?

Well, I get a lot of emails from people saying that they drank their smoothie and they’ve got a stomachache, or they’ve got a heartburn, or they’re just not feeling good after drinking their smoothie.

And, I think this video will help those people who might be struggling with those kind of problems after drinking smoothies or they might think that smoothies just don’t agree with them, and this might the reason why.

Number one strategy is when you are drinking a smoothie, what you need to do is chew your smoothie.

I know this might sound crazy because you might be looking at me thinking, “Well, I don’t need to chew that smoothie.

It is a drink.

I don’t chew drinks.

I literally just drink them.

I don’t need to chew them.

That’s the whole point of drinking a smoothie so I don’t need to chew.

I don’t need to exercise my chewing muscles.

But, I’ve got news for you.

This is not a drink.

It is a meal.

It is food.

Although it is in a drink form, it looks like a drink but actually when it enters your stomach, your body treats this like solid food.

It doesn’t treat it like a drink, a drink, say, like water where you can just literally drink it and it ends up in your stomach.

But, this is completely different. It is a meal. It is a food that’s blended up in here.

It’s not just a drink. It is a meal drink, let’s say.

What happens when you just drink this like a glass of water and you just drink it all down really, really fast?

You can end up with a stomachache because your stomach has not been prepared for drinking that smoothie because what happens when you are … Let’s say you’re eating a normal meal and you chuck things up.

You put it in your mouth and then you’re chewing, chew, chew, chew, chew, chew.

This changes the saliva in your mouth, and it actually sends a signal to your body, to your stomach that there is food coming and that the digestion, the environment in your stomach actually changes to welcome that new food into your stomach as crazy as this might sound.

The saliva also helps it when it goes down, down, down, down, down and then your stomach … This is probably a very simple way of saying it but without getting too scientific … I’m not a very science-y person but I do know this is exactly what happens.

Then your stomach thinks, “Ah, we’ve been prepared for this, for this food.

We know exactly what to do with this.

We know how to digest it properly because we’ve got this.

The saliva has sent a signal to the stomach.”

What you need to do is chew your smoothie to prepare your stomach for the digestion.

And, how do we chew a smoothie? What I would say to you is don’t swish the smoothie around your mouth.

I just created another video and this is called How to Avoid Teeth Problems When Drinking Smoothies.

In that video, it shares with you why you don’t want to be swishing smoothie around your mouth and what you do when you finish a smoothie.

This one is all about how to drink a smoothie right.

What you do is you just take a sip and you chew.

Don’t swish. Chew. Chew very slowly. Chew in your mouth as long as you can.

Let it warm up in your mouth and then let it gradually slip down your throat after you’ve chewed it a few times, and that’s all you need to do.

It may look a bit weird if you’re surrounded by people, but you can explain why you were chewing your smoothie if they asked.

To me, it’s such a habit for me to chew my smoothie now.

I don’t even realise I’m doing it.

I probably do it all the time when I’m out and about and I don’t really care because this is my health and I am going to look after my health and I don’t care what I look like.

They don’t know what’s in your smoothie.

You could have loads of lumps in your smoothie.

And, if you don’t have a high speed blender, you probably do have lots of lumps in your smoothie so even better reason.

You could just tell people, “Yeah, it’s a very lumpy smoothie and I’m having to chew it because there’s lots of seeds in here.”

Some people actually like to add little lumps in their smoothie because some people like a bit of texture or you could make yourself a smoothie bowl with some things on top to chew.

If you feel a bit weird chewing a smoothie, then add some texture to it and that will help you to not feel so weird about chewing something that shouldn’t really need to be chewed.

Then continue to do that.

Treat the smoothie like a meal and continue to drink and chew the smoothie until it’s all gone because you don’t want to treat this like a snack that you are just going to be constantly drinking all day long because this is bad for your digestion and it’s bad for your teeth.

Watch my other video and find out what to do about your teeth.

But, you don’t want to be treating it like a snack.

You don’t want to extend the amount of time that you’ve got to drink this smoothie.

You just want to focus on mindfully drinking and chewing until it’s all gone.

Don’t have big breaks in between and then go watch my other video and find out what to do to protect your teeth after you finished drinking your smoothie.

I really hope that’s helped you to understand why we need to chew our smoothies.

And, if you’ve got digestive problems, hopefully that will help you.

As well, another thing you can do is sometimes it can be a bit too much because if you’re not used to any fibre in your diet and it’s a lot of fibre to take in at once.

It’s healthy to have that amount of fibre.

We need that much fibre but ween yourself onto the fibre gradually.

Start with maybe half a green thickie or even quarter of a green thickie.

Then go onto gradually increase it everyday to give your body a chance to build up to the amount of fibre and drink it this way and hopefully you will have less problems drinking your green smoothie than you did before.

If you would like to get hold of my complete meal green smoothies so you can avoid snacking all day drinking smoothies that don’t fill you up, and you can actually drink full and complete meals that fill you up from one meal to another and help you lose weight, then I have got a free recipe book to give you.

If you go to and you can get it there.

There’ll be a link below this video where you can check that out and I would love for you to follow me on YouTube, like my Facebook page, leave a comment.

I can’t wait to hear from you.

Take care.


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