Eating Healthy When You Hate Fruits And Vegetables

Eating Healthy When You Hate Fruits And Vegetables

By Paige Forster

The merits of eating fruits and vegetables are many. From inhibiting the spread of cancer to reducing the chances of stroke, heart diseases and myriad of other diseases, fruits and vegetables are without any doubt an essential part of our diet. For everyone, a healthy diet should entail eating at least three servings of fruit and vegetables every day.

Low in calories, full of fiber, these foods are full of nutrients and vitamins that are imperative for the body. But some people don’t enjoy eating fruits and vegetables while others can’t bear the sight of them. Kids are not necessarily the only ones who fall in this category but even some grownups don’t like the idea of eating fruits and veggies. The only issue is that the nutritional value of these is not replaceable, making them mandatory for your diet. Therefore, this course of writing will suggest ways through which you can not only enjoy having vegetables and fruits but also a healthy diet that doesn’t primarily rely on these two sources. Read on to learn more.

Mix them up!

The best way to go forward will be to try different types of fruits and vegetables every day. People only have to acquire tastes and there isn’t a food out there that you will not like. All you have to do is keep trying out different fruits and vegetables till you find something that you like to eat. Remember to start with a mixture of those veggies and fruits that you like already and those that you haven’t tried out yet.

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Blend them!

Well you don’t necessarily have to eat them! Vegetables and fruits can easily be blended and made into sauces, stews and grates. You can also steam, grill, barbecue and roast vegetables as this allows them to give a different flavor. Find different recipes where vegetables can be mixed with different ingredients and spices like rice, chicken and meat. Make pasta or casserole using different vegetables to ensure that you are able to eat them.

Add them with the foods you do like

Here’s an idea, why don’t you start eating fruits and vegetables along with the foods that you love. This is one of the oldest tricks used by mothers to make their children eat their food. If you like yogurt pancakes, waffle batter omelets then why not mix vegetables and fruits in the fray. Make delicious fruit salads or different recipes along with your favorite dishes to make a mouthwatering serving for yourself.

Smoothies rock!

Why not try smoothies if you don’t like vegetables. Smoothies are delicious and will alter the taste completely. A lot of people can tolerate drinking fresh juice since it negates the flavors of those vegetables and fruits. Many vegetables have incredibly different tastes when made into juices and you can even dilute them with water to ensure that their tastes are completely altered.

Use temperature

You can improve the flavor and tastes of vegetables and fruits when you store them at room temperature. Refrigerating vegetables and fruits prevents the fruits from ripening and in some cases causes them to lose their flavors completely. If you are to store them, use your countertop cupboard which is free from any exposure to sun light to ensure that they remain fresh and healthy. Never eat over ripe fruits as they don’t have the same flavor as those that are fresh and will only ruin your taste.


If none of the above is doing the trick for you, it is recommended that you go for supplements. Supplements are easily available as over the counter drugs and they have all the nutrients that are necessary for your body, minus the taste or the flavor of those vegetables or fruits. Supplements are manufactured by using dried fruits and vegetables that are dehydrated and then used. They can even be found in your doctor’s office. But always get your doctor’s blessing before you use supplements.

Fruits and vegetables are a vital part of our diet and cannot be ignored or taken out of it. Various kinds of deficiencies that arise from lack of eating fruits and vegetables can lead to serious health issues. Whether you like them or not, you will have to eat them. Supplements are a viable option but it is important to remember that they should only be taken should your doctor advise you to do so.

Paige Forster is a nutritionist based in Sydney. He is versed in many topics and related to eating healthy and offers his advice on the matter via different articles that he writes as a freelance writer. He talks here about how a person can overcome their distaste for fresh fruits and vegetables.

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Eating Healthy When You Hate Fruits And Vegetables

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