How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways)

How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways)

How to eat a mango?

I know it’s easy to eat a mango when it’s all chopped up in nice little chunks for you already.  

But I want to empower you to prepare your own mangoes, as they are SO much nicer than 2 day old unripe pre-packaged mangoes.  

And they are cheaper and way better for your health too, as all of the nutrients are already intact.

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There are actually 4 different ways you can eat a mango, and I’ve recorded all 4 of them in this video today to help you make your own mango magic.

Which one is your favorite?

And I’m not just going to show you one method, I am going to show you four different ways to eat this delicious fruit.

So let’s go and make some magic with fruit!

1. Mango Bowl & Spoon

How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways)

  1. Cut off the cheeks of the mango individually.
  2. Then simply take a spoon and dig into the flesh, make little circles with the spoon and scoop out the flesh.
  3. Now just enjoy it like that! Do the same again, just keep scooping and eating the mango.

You can do the same with the side pieces of the mango as well. Just take your spoon and then slide it into the skin. The flesh comes off really easily.

How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways) - 2

It’s actually easier to use a spoon than it is to use a knife and is also safer because don’t risk hurting yourself.

2. Cross Peel

How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways)

This is another great way to eat a mango.

For this method, you can either use your fingers or a knife.

Using Your Fingers

If you’re out to the about and you just want to eat a mango but you don’t have any way to chop it? Then you can use your fingers!

  1. Just dig your nails in and then peel off the skin.

Using A Knife

Suppose you’re at home and you just want to give mangoes to your kids, this is a fantastic method!

  1. Slice crosses on the top of the mango.
  2. Then you can peel (rip) the skin down halfway, not all the way down
  3. Give it to your kids like that, so that they can hold it from the bottom and eat from the top.
  4. And they can peel the skin a bit further as they eat downwards.
  5. Or peel of the entire skin in one go if you want to!
How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways) - 3

It’s actually quite easy. In really ripe mangoes the skin comes off really, really easily this way. You don’t even need a peeler or a knife, only use your bare hands to rip off the skin.

3. Wacky Wedges

How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways)

  1. Take your mango and cut down lengthwise from top to bottom with the skin still on.
  2. Then move over a little bit, about half an inch, and cut lengthwise again creating a wedge.
  3. Do this all the way around, cutting to create big wedges out of your mango until you get back to where you started from.
  4. Then simply pull apart the wedges leaving the pit.
  5. There you go, now you just take a wedge and enjoy it!
How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways)

This is such a beautiful way to present a mango. And makes eating your mango very easy, just like eating a watermelon.

4. Slice & Scoop

How To Eat A Mango (4 Ways)

Finally, I’m going to show you a tool that makes eating a mango very, very fast. This would take you seconds, especially once you’ve had some practice and if you’re in a rush, you don’t have much time to waste.

  1. Get your mango and slice off the cheeks very quickly.
  2. Then get your mango tool (which has these little ridges in it) and simply dig it into the flesh of the cheek.
  3. Drag the tool through the flesh.
  4. This scoops and slices the mango so you can just place that in a bowl and eat it!

It’s a very, very quick way to eat a mango.

As you can see, it took me seconds!

And this tool can also be used for other fruit as well, like avocado and also papaya. I like to eat mango and papaya at the same time in a bowl.  I think the combination is just beautiful.


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