The Secret To Dramatically Improved Health In Just 20 Minutes A Day (Part 1)

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The Secret To Dramatically Improved Health In Just 20 Minutes A Day (Part 1)

The secret to a healthy diet has never really been a secret at all

The major problems we face in our diets in a western society are:

  • Lack of nutrients
  • Too much stress placed on the digestion by consuming processed and unhealthy foods.
Diet: The Seven Steps to reclaiming your health

One of my regular fruit and vegetable dinners while I was reclaiming my health

I believe the healthiest diet is a plant based diet eating whole foods in their natural state, limiting processed foods, eating enough good fat and making sure you get all your nutrients.

When I improved my diet a few years ago, my health problems massively improved. 

I healed myself of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, chronic allergies, and debilitating IBS.  Within 6 months I had gone from not having the energy to get out of bed to being able to do intense exercise for a few hours a day. 

I felt like I’d got my life back and this is one of the reasons I want to share with you today how important your diet is and how much it really does affect your health. 

You will notice a massive difference by just changing this one aspect of your health.  

Diet: The Seven Steps to reclaiming your health

If you gradually improve your diet by following these 7 steps, you will notice yourself feeling better with every single step, which will further inspire you to take the next step. 

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Take each step at a time and feel free to stop whenever you feel more healthy and more comfortable, but the more steps you take, the healthier you will be:

1)      Include more fruit and vegetables in your diet. 

Add a couple of pieces of fruit as snacks throughout the day.  

Vegetables should make up half of every meal that you eat.

2)      Include more greens in your diet. 

Start adding a side salad to your evening meal.  

If you don’t like salad I find it easier to eat if you put it underneath your hot meal.  This wilts it and reduces the size of the salad so you won’t have so much chewing to do.  

Greens are something we don’t eat anywhere near the amount we need to.  Mother always did know best, she knew that eating your greens led to improved health.

Replace your breakfast with a green smoothie or a green thickie

A Green Thickie a day keeps the doctor away

3)      Change your breakfast to be fruit and vegetable based. 

Replace your breakfast with a green smoothie or a green thickie (more filling).

4)      Eliminate or severely reduce processed sugar and white flour in your diet.  

Most people feel so much better by just cutting out wheat and gluten.  Read more about how to cut out wheat and gluten here.

5)      Totally eliminate processed foods from your weekly diet. 

If you must, have processed foods once a week only.  Try to make everything from scratch. 

If you have limited time, make a big batch of soup or salad and evening meal to last a week.  Freeze leftovers.  

6)      Increase the amount of raw fruit and vegetables in your diet to 50% by eating more fruit, green smoothies, salads and soups.

7)      Reduce or eliminate standard animal products from your diet.  

Replace your animal products with organic, grass fed, free range sources.    

If you can’t afford it, eat more eggs and eat less meat, but make sure it’s good quality.  

Once you start eating more healthily, you will really notice an increased ability to be healthy in other areas of your life. 

You will have more restful sleep with less insomnia.  If you struggle from insomnia, this is a great resource that can help you. 

You will feel more refreshed with less sleep. 

You will have more energy so more desire to exercise, and a good diet has been shown to increase the mood and help depression to lift. 

Of course we all know that smoking, alcohol intake and too much caffeine will not help you to achieve optimum health. 

It is also very important to drink enough water.  Our bodies can’t function without it.  You may feel less tired and have less headaches immediately after increasing your water intake.  

If you still need more help with your diet, why not try my 7 Day Diet Plan for Weight Loss and Improved Health.  

It is great for a detox and I will show you how to eat healthily in the long term.  

All my testers had great results after just 7 days.  Click here to have a look now. 

Have a healthy day

Talk soon,


Katherine xx


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Katherine lost 56 pounds and recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome with Green Thickies.
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