10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories

Here are 10 extremely low calorie green smoothies under 100 calories to help you increase your energy, improve your digestion, help you lose weight and give you glowing skin. What’s not to love?

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 CaloriesI’ve got to be honest with you…

If you’re aware of my ethos – you know that I’m all about being as healthy as I can by spending as little time in the kitchen as possible.

That’s why I make Green Thickies which are complete meal smoothies.  These allow me to make meals by only spending 2 minutes a day in the kitchen.

The great thing about Green Thickies are that they fill you up from one meal to the next – so you don’t end up needing any snacks.

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So usually I’m not a fan of low calorie shakes for one reason…

It is often too much effort to make green smoothie ‘snacks’ that are low in calories because you’ll still need to make proper meals alongside them.

This means more time in the kitchen.

But I do understand that not everybody wants to drink a smoothie as a meal.  Some people do actually have more time to prepare a sit down meal, and sit down and enjoy it.

And for those people – I still encourage them to have at least one green drink a day.

So if that’s you – and you prefer sit down meals, then you will love these low calorie green smoothies that you can use as snacks in between meals, or with your meals.  

These green smoothies will increase your energy, improve your digestion and give you glowing skin.  What’s not to love?

How Many Calories In A Green Smoothie?

Low calorie green smoothies

Green Smoothies can be as low or high in calories as you like.  The number of calories depends on the ingredients you put in it and how filling you want it to be.  If you make a smoothie that contains less than 100 calories, it be more like a snack and won’t fill you up for long.  However, if you make a smoothie that is between 300-500 calories, it can replace a meal and keep you going until your next meal.

At the other extreme, you can also create very high calorie green smoothies if you are trying to gain weight. 

If you would like to know exactly how many calories are in different smoothie ingredients, I have created the perfect list for you.  Click the link below to get that.

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10 Extremely Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories

#1 Fruit Melody Smoothie – 98 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
This smoothie and fruity, delicious, packed full of nutrients, and best of all UNDER 100 Calories!!! I highly recommend giving it a try. I actually have one of these as breakfast..and it doubles as a pre-workout meal by drinking it about 45 minutes before I hit the gym!

~Tonya Locklear

#2 KALE SMOOTHIE – 99 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
This ultrahealthy smoothie helps you start your day off right. Apple and banana give the kale a flavour boost and make it totally refreshing.



10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
The combination creates a light, creamy smoothie with a clean taste. Imagine sitting in the shade on a warm day as a light breeze whispers to you…

~Margaret, Veggie Primer

#4 Jolly Green Smoothie – 89 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
This green smoothie is jam-packed with fruit and spinach. One serving provides half of the RDA for vitamin C, a third of the RDA for vitamin A, and all of the RDA for vitamin K. Though this recipe is packed full of nutrients, it’s low in calories.


#5 Lean and Green – 88.7 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories


#6 Shape-Shifter Smoothie – 97 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
This antioxidant-rich smoothie is packed with the goodness of greens.


#7 Green Smoothie – <100 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
Each serving of this antioxidant rich smoothie will help to hydrate you and flush out bloating sodium (thanks to potassium!) and help to keep you regular (thanks to fiber!) and has less than 100 calories. A serving also has 5 grams of fiber and 19 grams of sugar–all naturally occurring sugars–no added sugar. Yum!

~The Nutrition Twins

#8 GREEN DETOX SMOOTHIE – 86.4 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
A delicious and healthy green “detox” smoothie.

~Ali,  Gimme Some Oven

#9 Green Energy Smoothie – 67 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
6 simple ingredients make up this sweet and delicious smoothie. You can pack it full of veg and no one will know!

~Leanne, Healthful Pursuit

#10 My Everyday Green Smoothie – 70 Calories

10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories
Get your greens in before you even leave the house in the morning, with this everyday green smoothie!


How To Make Filling Low Calorie Green Smoothies

Here’s a video I made showing you exactly how to make my Green Thickies, which are complete meal smoothies.  These smoothies help you lose weight because you still eat less calories than normal, but you don’t feel hungry and you experience much fewer cravings.

3 Must-Have Low Calorie Smoothie Products

1. A Blender That Will Last A Lifetime

I recommend this blender to make your smoothies in.  This is the best quality blender at the lowest price you’ll ever see.  

If you want more blender recommendations, here are my top 10 blenders for smoothies.

2. A Smoothie Cup For Healthy Snacks On The Go

The best thing about smoothies is they are portable which saves you time. 

So you’ll be needing a container to transport them from A to B.

This is my favorite smoothie container as it doesn’t leak and there are no hidden areas which makes it easy to clean in the dishwasher.  Plus it’s pretty cheap, and good quality. 

Click here to see my favorite smoothie bottle. 

And if you want ALL of my smoothie bottle recommendations, you’ll want to read this post. 

3. Digital Scales

As you are trying to keep your calories really low, you’ll be needing to get exact with your measurements.  The best way to do that is to weigh everything.  Sometimes ingredients can get stuck in measuring cups making the measurements a lot lower.  Or when you just guess, you’ll always end up doubling your calorie count without a doubt. 

I especially like to weigh my frozen spinach as that never fits neatly into a measuring cup anyway. 

These are the scales I use and love because of the handy extra bowl. 

How To Guarantee Your Weight Loss With Green Smoothies

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10 Low Calorie Green Smoothies Under 100 Calories

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