14 Unbelievable Reasons Why You’re Not Losing Weight On Your Healthy Diet

14 unbelievable reasons why you’re not losing weight on your healthy diet

Have you been eating a healthy diet but still not losing weight?

I know how that is and it can be very frustrating when you feel you are doing the right things but it’s still not working!!

There may be some things you haven’t thought of that are affecting your progress.

For me it was eating too much but when I started keeping a food journal I got back on track and I realized I was eating because of stress.

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I was able to address the stress with yoga and meditation and the weight started coming off again.

Here are 14 unbelievable reasons why you’re not losing weight on your healthy diet.

  1. Hormones– If our hormones are out of balance it can lead to weight gain. Especially around the stomach area. Balancing hormones is important for optimal health. You can get your hormones checked at your Doctor’s office and Bio-identical hormones can help.
  2. Hidden sugar– Make sure  you are eating whole foods and not processed foods. Sugar can be hidden in foods that you would never think of. Make sure to check labels if you do eat a processed food item.
  3. Not enough sleep-Studies have shown that not getting enough sleep and becoming fatigued can lead to weight gain or difficulty losing weight. This is due to the brain’s response when we are deprived of sleep. The area of the brain that triggers appetite is turned on more readily while the area that dictates self control is not working as well.
  4. Stress cortisol is a hormone that our adrenals pump out when we are stressed. As it  climbs inflammation in the body rises. At the same time it increases hormones that stimulate appetite, while hormones that suppress it drop. People become less sensitive to insulin, raising their risk of Type 2 diabetes as well.
  5. You’re not actually eating as healthy as you thought– Whole, unprocessed food it the healthiest way to eat. Make sure you are cooking at home as much as possible and getting your servings of fruits and veggies. Some foods marketed as healthy are not, so be sure to do your research.
  6. You’re not active enough– You can eat very healthy but if you are not active it’s harder to lose weight. You need to get your lymphatic system moving with exercise so your bodies ability to detox is optimal. When your body is holding onto toxins it also stores fat. This is because fat is where our bodies store a lot of those toxins.
  7. You’re lapsing into Chronic Cardio- When you keep your heart rate above 75% of our maximum heart rate for a long time you burn glycogen. You can then crave more sugar after a long cardio workout. This can lead to overeating of simple carbs, especially after a workout.
  8. You’re eating too much– It’s possible that you are eating more food than you realize. This can happen with mindless eating. Check out this article on Mindful Eating to learn more about listening to your body.
  9. You’re eating too many carbs– Some people have a harder time with carbs than others. You may be eating more carbs than your body needs. Eliminate all simple carbs and limit complex carbs.
  10. You have added muscle mass– It’s possible you have put on muscle if you have been strength training. Since muscle weighs more than fat you can temporarily gain weight until things level off. Don’t get discouraged.
  11. You have toxins in your body-Your body holds toxins in your body and fat is one of it’s favorite storage places. As your toxic load increases from eating pesticides or being exposed to other daily toxins your body holds onto more fat to accommodate the toxins and not become overwhelmed. A detox is a good idea. Essential oils are a great aid in detox. Learn more here: Essential oils for detox
  12. You’re eating more than you think– You may need less calories than you think or eating foods that you don’t even realize are bad for you. Keeping a food journal can help you keep track.
  13. You’re not doing strength training– The more lean muscle mass we have the better our metabolism works keeping you slimmer. Plus you get the added benefit of a strong body.
  14. You don’t have a support system– Even if friends and family aren’t supportive of your efforts there are groups on -line where you can find people going through similar experiences. Make sure you have some support for those times you are fight cravings or wanting to give up.

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14 unbelievable reasons why you’re not losing weight on your healthy diet

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  1. Muscle does not weigh more than fat. What a myth! One pound of muscle and one pound of fat are both… one pound. Muscle is more dense – takes up less space. That’s the difference and where people get this misinformation.

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