20 Healthy Smoothie Ingredients You’ve Never Tried (but you should)

20 Of The Most Unusual Yet Extremely Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

Are you bored with your average smoothie ingredients?

I was too!

I decided to investigate some of these unusual choices of smoothie ingredients for the nutrition benefits and the new and unusual flavors.

Experiment with some of these smoothie ingredients and find your favorites!

20 of the most unusual yet extremely healthy smoothie ingredients

  • Kefir- Rich in probiotics to help your digestive system stay healthy and even heal. Kefir is a naturally fermented beverage made with milk, nut milks or water. Use in place of any liquid in your smoothie to help boost your immune system and keep your gut healthy!  Try this healthy kefir smoothie recipe
  • Kombucha- This beverage made from the kombucha scoby is rich in probiotics. Kombucha is slightly bubbly and can be made in lots of different flavors.  You can buy it pre-made at the grocery store, but this won’t be as healthy as the kombucha you make yourself at home.  If you don’t know where to start with kombucha, I recommend one of these home starter kits.  
  • Sweet Potato- Is the number one choice for a healthy carbohydrate to provide tons of energy, keep you full longer and boost your beta carotene. It also contains lots of fiber and vitamin C!  Try this sweet potato smoothie.
  • Herbs- Boost your antioxidants by including herbs in your smoothies. Rosemary, Thyme and oregano can help prevent colds and flu, boost your immune system and fight free radicals! You will adore this delicious unique basil blackberry smoothie.
  • Eggs- Raw eggs can be an incredible source of protein and nutrients. Don’t be afraid to eat Pastured raw eggs. Avoid conventional caged eggs and even cage free as they still contain a small salmonella risk. Make sure to buy local pastured eggs from small farms.  For many months I made my smoothies from a base of raw egg.  They are actually quite neutral tasting and very filling.  Click here to find out how many eggs to add to your recipe.
  • Greens- Try some unusual greens in your smoothie such as beet greens, bok choy, Collard greens, Wheat grass and dandelion greens for added magnesium and benefits to your liver. Green are a great addition to help support your body to detox.   If you can’t find these more unusual greens fresh,  why not try a healthy green powder?
  • Root vegetables- Try some turnips or carrots or beets for a new and healthy flavor. Carrot orange is a delicious combination!  If you are a fan of carrot cake, you will adore my carrot cake smoothie.
  • Beans- Yes beans! Kidney, Garbanzo or my favorite, black beans can add fiber, and many phytonutrients to your diet. Black beans are an incredible superfood and can be mixed with raw cacao for a wonderful chocolate smoothie with no guilt!  Find out how many beans to add to your smoothie here.
  • Gelatin- I’m not talking about that flavored stuff you make into “salads” I’m talking about pasture raised, collagen rich gelatin like this one. Add gelatin to your smoothie for skin and bone health!
  • Dessicated Liver- Added to your smoothie in powdered form such as this one.  Desiccated liver is one of nature’s most nutrient dense foods. It will give you amazing energy and ensure you’re getting enough b vitamins!
  • Sea vegetables- Adding ½ to 1 teaspoon of kelp powder to your smoothie will boost your intake of magnesium, potassium, folate, vitamin K, calcium and iron as well as protein. It’s also very high in iodine which is necessary for a healthy thyroid gland.
  • Ancient Grains- Gluten free grains such as oats. quinoa or buckwheat are a great thickener and provided added minerals and vitamins such as b vitamins and magnesium.  Here is a great quinoa powder you can use for your smoothies, to make pancakes, bread and quinoa porridge.  It’s great for those who are on a gluten free diet. 
  • Chia- If you’re looking for Omega 3’s and fiber then Chia seeds are a great addition.  They will thicken your smoothie and have very little flavor on their own. Chia is good for preventing IBS symptoms and healing your “gut”.  You can get organic chia seeds here
  • Mesquite flour- Is made from the seeds of the mesquite tree and can  stabilize blood sugar levels. It has soluble fiber and is rich in vitamins and minerals. Mesquite has a slightly sweet flavor and can be used to sweeten your smoothie without the bad effects of sugar.  Get your mesquite powder here.
  • Essential oils- I recommend Young Living essential oils for digestion because they are pure and not adulterated. I wouldn’t ingest any other oils! Orange, Lemon, Lime and Grapefruit are great additions.  Click here for a 24% discount.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and try some of these unusual choices for your smoothie. Eating clean, organic whole foods can be delicious and fun!

Which of these smoothie ingredients will you try next?

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20 Unusual Smoothie Ingredients To SkyRocket Your Health CheatSheet

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20 Of The Most Unusual Yet Extremely Healthy Smoothie Ingredients

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