17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes

All the best tasty raw vegan party food recipes for a lunch or dinner providing incredible health benefits. Your guests will be blown away and full of energy.

17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes

What if, instead of the usual dishes you serve at a home gathering, you simply whip up an array of raw vegan party food for the guests to dig in to?

Sounds like a good idea, right?

For the longest time, our friends in the vegan community have been adjusting to commonly-observed meal practices of the majority, but it hasn’t come to a point when non-vegan individuals have switched places with our kind to experience wholesome plant-based recipes, even for a day.

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Fortunately for me, I was able to break free from the society-imposed party rules and allowed myself to be the kind of hostess I want to be; one that is mindful of another person’s dietary needs and generous enough to offer guests something they’ll talk about for days.

It started when I decided to throw a raw vegan-fruitarian-themed party for my 7-year old daughter’s birthday.

It was actually her idea, but I found the whole thing a breath of fresh air—preparation and entertainment-wise.

Of course, I wouldn’t let my guests down with unpalatable foods just to live up to my daughter’s wishes.

After investing time on preparation and menu planning itself, I thought, “Wow, this is going to be fun and appetizing!”

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And I wasn’t disappointed. The guest turnout—which consists of both kids and adults—was amazing, and their feedback gave me an assurance that they did enjoy the party.

After my fruit themed party, I hosted another party, aimed more at adults, for over 30 people which was a buffet style raw vegan party.  

Everyone raved about how tasty the food was and how they had no idea that raw vegan food could be so varied. 

Katherine Raw Vegan Party Buffet

I’m sharing this experience with you now because I feel like we all need to try things with a new twist once in a while, and that includes hosting a party; in this case, I recommend throwing a raw vegan party and inviting over guests of all kinds (think lactose and gluten intolerant, allergics and picky eaters).

Today, I’m going to tell you the basics of hosting a raw vegan party, along with a few hacks and recipes to get you started.

6 Benefits Of Raw Food

17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes; Raspberry and chia seed homemade cake

Before we proceed to the hosting dos and don’ts, let us first learn the benefits of serving raw vegan party foods to your guests.

1) Raw Food Retains Its Enzymes

Enzymes from plant-based food have been noted in many studies to be heat sensitive, thereby making them already inactive by the time you consume the food.

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Heat can destroy these enzymes by cooking over 117 Fahrenheit.

These same enzymes are what your body needs to boost its biochemical processes.

By eating raw foods (with an exception for meat, poultry, and fish), you can be sure that your body will have better functioning and a cleaner digestive tract on top of it.

2) Raw Foods Are Vegan-friendly

If you’ve been following a vegetable-dense diet, eating raw foods is right up your alley.

Whatever plant-based food you eat, as long as it can be eaten raw (either straight-up or after soaking), you can easily sneak it into your party menu without feeling bad about it.

You can enjoy a surplus of vegetables, fruits, nuts, sprouted grains, legumes and seeds that all meet your dietary needs as well as your guests’.

3) Raw Foods Help You Lose Weight

There’s one particular study that links raw food consumption with significant weight loss in 25% of women participants.

To make it safe and manageable, you just have to balance your diet with nutrients such as proteins and fats coming from plant-based sources such as legumes, nuts, and fruits.

4) Raw Foods Retain Their Water-soluble Vitamins

In many studies conducted to observe the effects of cooking in plant-based foods, it was shown that vitamins C and B are highly susceptible to loss.

Even a simple boiling of vegetables can significantly reduce these vitamins to up to 40-50%.

Thus, eating them raw may be a better idea considering the nutrients you get to consume fully.

5) Most Plant-based Foods Retain Their Disease-fighting Nutrients When Eaten Raw

Case in point: broccoli, cabbage, onions, and garlic.

They are all high in anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, which cooking only tends to lose.

There are recipes that use these veggies without the need for cooking; you should learn how to make them.

6) Eating Raw Foods Will Limit Your Sodium Intake

As they say, too much of a thing is bad for you.

Likewise, too much sodium can lead to an increased risk of heart attacks, stroke, and high blood pressure, according to studies.

Cooking with sodium-based flavor enhancers are often the culprit in this problem.

Hence, it is advisable to balance out the sodium with more nutrient-rich foods that are edible even when raw.

I like to add small amounts of sea salt to my raw food, which gives you the needed sodium and makes food extra tasty.

6 Reasons Why You Should Throw A Raw Vegan Party

17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes; Vegan friends at home

While the idea of throwing a raw vegan party might still be unheard of among your circle, initiating the occasion can have its advantages not only to yourself but also to your guests.

Here I’ve listed down a few reasons to inspire you to plan a festive yet healthy party:

1) It Can Be A Good Platform To Introduce Raw Food Diet To Your Guests

While I don’t encourage “preachy” vegan talks over meals, I do think that the occasion can be a good time to discuss the health benefits of eating raw vegan foods.

When your guests asked about your recipes, it is a clear indication that you did a good job in convincing them that raw food doesn’t have to look and taste dull, as they often believed it to be.

2) It Will Showcase Your Kitchen Skills And Creativity

Since you’re likely to start from scratch—meaning, you’re going to ditch every party recipe you’ve been taught to serve—your kitchen skills will be put to test.

But that shouldn’t worry you; you might even stumble upon great discoveries such as amazing fruit combinations, color-coordinated food plating, interesting textures, and surprisingly delicious concoctions.

This will eventually make you well-versed in hosting a variety of home parties, which sounds to me like something you can add to your homemaking resume.

3) It Helps Avoid Food Wastage

Ever contemplated about what to do with leftovers?

By opting for a raw vegan party menu, you’ll be spared from this after-party headache.

So many times we end up with leftover perishable cooked foods, which when distributed among guests as takeaway goodies, won’t even last for a few hours.

With fewer ingredients and calculated servings of raw vegan foods, you won’t run into trouble of having to throw away near-spoiled party foods.

On that same note, most fruits and vegetables can keep in the fridge or freezer for a couple more days, so you can still enjoy the leftover slices and dips.

You can also turn the leftover greens into a newer version of a salad or maybe even green smoothies.

For my party, I made way too much food as I always do, but guests were literally queuing up to take food home so their family could try it. 

4) It Is A Cruelty-free Party You’ll Never Feel Guilty About

While I’m not saying this to sound like an activist, it’s somewhat relieving to know how many animals you’ve saved from being butchered just by choosing to go the vegan route.

I’m not a purist vegan, but upholding animal rights and environmental advocacies is something that few of us could simply be happy about.

Since the party eliminates the use of animal meat, it’s a nice feeling to have helped curb violence and waste in Mother Nature.

5) It Is Less Stressful Than The Usual Omnivore Party

No longer will you have to worry about cooking several dishes at once and forgetting to check on each of them.

There will also be no more burns to endure and no big plans to haul.

All you need is to cut vegetables, whip the dips, toss the greens and mold the vegan mixture according to the procedure.

Most recipes will only require you to chill or dehydrate food, which cuts prep time by more than half.

6) The Menu For Raw Vegan Party Makes The Guests Stay Energetic

This is probably due to the fact that you’re serving fresh fruits that have high nutrient content necessary for keeping everyone bubbly and alive.

My daughter’s party proved to be a success, with no kids throwing tantrums and instead were bursting with energy to participate in party activities; so unlike the ones we hosted before wherein guests felt sluggish after eating too many sugary foods.

5 Steps To A Successful Raw Vegan Party

17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes; Vegan and vegetarian food on the table

Ready to take on the challenge?

Here’s a list of things you should take note of in order to ensure the success of your raw vegan party:

1) Account For Every Person Who Has Special Dietary Restrictions

This means you’ll make a few adjustments to your recipes in order to accommodate the varying needs and restrictions in your guests’ diets.

Intolerances, allergies and your guests’ personal preferences should be a priority; otherwise, your vegan party won’t satisfy them enough to come back and suggest you host the same gathering once again.

2) Have An Estimate Of The Servings Of Each Raw Vegan Party Food

Based on my experience, kids don’t eat much at parties which is why I ended up with excess food.

For a mix of adult and children guests, it’s best to account for two servings per dish per person.

You can always be more generous with finger foods, though, because they’re easily consumed.

Some foods, however, went too quickly and I wish I had made more of them, such as the kale chips which were a massive hit. 

3) Formulate Your Menu According To The Availability Of Space On The Table And Of The Serving Containers

This is especially useful for when you’re planning to host a buffet party.

For my daughter’s birthday, I had it figured out by spreading down all of my serving platters and containers on the table to see how many can fit.

This way, you also have a visual inspiration of which recipes to use and how much of them can be served on the table.

4) Mix And Match Foods With Varying Textures, Shapes And Color

This is the easiest way to make your raw vegan party food a hit among kids and adults alike.

It’s visually appealing and is fun to assemble, especially with fruits having different colors and shapes.

Kids love fruit skewers while adults marvel at the ingenuity of serving foods with alternating textures and taste.

5) Get Some Help If Possible

This kind of party needs more manpower when it comes to cutting the veggies and fruits.

You may need help since the veggies and fruits must be prepared only a few hours before the party to ensure their freshness.

If you have no one to help you cut and prepare the foods, you may simply use a mechanical slicer or other tools that will aid in speeding up the process.

I love this spriralizer which I used to make the noodles and some of the salad recipes.  It literally takes seconds. You can see how much other people love it on Amazon. 

12 Types Of Raw Vegan Recipes To Serve At Your Party

17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes; Avocado dip with cilantro and lime

  1. Raw Vegan Dips
  2. Raw Vegan Salad
  3. Raw Vegan Salad Dressing
  4. Raw Vegan Crackers
  5. Crudites
  6. Raw Vegan Pizza or Burgers
  7. Kale Chips
  8. Fruit
  9. Raw Vegan Desserts
  10. Raw Vegan Falafels
  11. Raw Vegan Bread
  12. Raw Vegan Marinated Nuts

17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes

Here are my favorite raw vegan party food recipes that I served at my party.

More Ways To Sneak Fruit Into Your Meals

Even if you’re not ready for fully raw meals, just increasing the amount of food you eat can work wonders for your health.  Here are some ways to add more fruit to your diet without even noticing. 

10 Awesome New Ways to Eat More Fruits for Health pin image with 6 facts

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Raw Vegan Recipes For Parties

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17 Delicious Raw Vegan Party Food Recipes; Raw Vegan Recipes For Parties Book

Raw food is bursting with nutrients and enzymes which can be lost when you cook food.

For this reason, incorporating more raw food into your diet can help you lose fat faster, detox, and significantly improve your health. That’s what happened to me and incorporating raw food into my diet is the way in which I manage to reverse my chronic fatigue syndrome and drop 5 dress sizes.

In this book, I have included all of the recipes I made at my daughter’s fruit party and at my raw vegan party buffet.  I also show you exactly how to plan an epic raw vegan party. 

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You see, it doesn’t take much to prepare raw vegan party food for your next home gathering.

All you have to do is follow my recipes, manage the guest list, and prepare some interesting activities for the kids.

I hope that this blog post inspires you to experiment with your kitchen skills so you can easily navigate your way into a wholesome party everyone will surely come back for.

As novel as it may sound, a raw vegan party is something for the books. And with the right hosting skills, it can even become a regular party you throw every year.

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