112 Best Smoothie Toppings To Create The Wow Factor

Here are all the smoothie toppers you’ll ever need to choose the most beautiful, nutritious, filling toppers to add extra taste and texture to your smoothies.

112 Best Smoothie Toppings To Create The Wow Factor; Smoothie bowls. Healthy breakfast bowl

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you’ll know that I add 6 different ingredients into my smoothies to turn them into a complete meal. 

Those 6 ingredients are: 

  1. Liquid
  2. Fruit
  3. Leafy greens
  4. Natural protein sources such as nuts or seeds
  5. Extra calorie source (filler) such as oats
  6. Natural sweeteners such as dates or maple syrup

My meal replacement smoothie recipes, called Green Thickies are designed for busy people who need to eat healthily and lose or maintain their weight on the go without any impact on their busy lives. 

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However, sometimes, we still want the health benefits and enjoyment of eating a smoothie, but we also want to incorporate some of the benefits of eating normal food. 

That’s where smoothie toppings come in. 

We can blend a lower-calorie smoothie made with liquid, fruit and leafy greens, pour our smoothies into a bowl, making a smoothie bowl, and then add the other 3 ingredients to the top of the smoothie as smoothie toppings. 

Here are all the smoothie toppers you’ll ever need to choose the most beautiful, nutritious, filling toppers to add extra taste and texture to your smoothies.

7 Benefits Of Smoothie Toppings

112 Best Smoothie Toppings To Create The Wow Factor; Smoothie Bowl with Fresh Raspberry, Blueberry, Coconut Flakes and Chia Seeds. Grey Background.

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The benefits of smoothie toppings are: 

  1. Provides texture
  2. Gives you extra taste
  3. Makes the smoothie more interesting
  4. Provides pretty colors to stimulate appetite, especially good for children
  5. Allows your mouth to enjoy chewing food rather than drinking
  6. Gives you the ability to make a normal type meal, sit down in a civilized fashion with other people and eat in similar ways to them without them worrying that you are ‘starving yourself’ by consuming all your calories in liquid form.  
  7. The calories can stay exactly the same and you can continue to lose weight as long as you stick to the ingredients in the recipe, or calculate your own calories, and stick to those calories. 

You can also choose to add smoothie toppings on top of a glass or a mason jar and continue to drink your smoothie. 

If you do this, you won’t need a spoon, but you will get little ‘surprises’ of food thrown into your mouth that you will have to chew. 

Here are all my favorite smoothie toppers you can use to add to your smoothie bowls. 

If you want to know the calories in these smoothie toppers, see my other post below:

189 Smoothie Ingredients List: Calories, Protein, Carbs, Fat

112 Best Smoothie Toppings To Create The Wow Factor

112 Best Smoothie Toppings To Create The Wow Factor; Ingredients in bowls for healthy breakfast over dark blue background

  1. Raw Granola Bar Recipe
  2. Chunky Monkey Granola Smoothie Topper
  3. Pistachios
  4. Hazelnuts
  5. Cashews
  6. Walnuts
  7. Almonds
  8. Macadamia Nuts
  9. Peanuts
  10. Brazil Nuts
  11. Pine Nuts
  12. Pecans
  13. Tiger Nuts
  14. Ground Almonds
  15. Chia Seeds
  16. Flaxseed – Whole
  17. Hemp Seed 
  18. Sesame Seed
  19. Sunflower Seed
  20. Pumpkin Seed
  21. Poppy Seeds
  22. Golden Flax Seeds
  23. Brown Flax Seeds
  24. Oats 
  25. Buckwheat
  26. Quinoa
  27. White Rice
  28. Wholegrain Rice
  29. Puffed Amaranth 
  30. Millet Flakes
  31. Popcorn
  32. Gluten-Free Cornflakes
  33. Dates
  34. Raisins
  35. Dried Apricots
  36. Dried Mango 
  37. Dried Pineapple
  38. Dried Cranberries
  39. Dried Banana
  40. Dried Blueberries 
  41. Goji Berries
  42. Dried Apple Rings
  43. Freeze Dried Strawberries
  44. Freeze Dried Raspberries
  45. Dried Figs
  46. Bananas
  47. Apple
  48. Apricot
  49. Blackberry
  50. Blackcurrant
  51. Blueberry
  52. Cherry
  53. Cranberry
  54. Dragonfruit (Pitaya)
  55. Elderberry
  56. Fig
  57. Goji Berry
  58. Gooseberry
  59. Grape
  60. Guava
  61. Jackfruit
  62. Kiwifruit
  63. Mango
  64. Cantaloupe Melon
  65. Honeydew Melon
  66. Watermelon
  67. Mulberry
  68. Papaya
  69. Passionfruit
  70. Peach
  71. Pear
  72. Persimmon
  73. Plum
  74. Prune
  75. Pineapple
  76. Pomegranate
  77. Quince
  78. Raspberry
  79. Redcurrant
  80. Strawberry
  81. Ugli Fruit
  82. White Currant
  83. Sapote
  84. Cacao Nibs
  85. Dried Coconut
  86. Bee Pollen
  87. Spirulina
  88. Sneaky Green Chocolates to Beat Sugar Cravings
  89. Raw Honey
  90. Maple Syrup
  91. Coconut Cream
  92. Peanut Butter
  93. Almond Butter
  94. Coconut Butter
  95. Homemade Caramel
  96. Chocolate Spread
  97. Homemade Raw Vegan Date Syrup Recipe
  98. Sneaky Green Sweet Berry Pancake Sauce Recipe
  99. Acai Berry Puree
  100. Cinnamon
  101. Cacao Powder
  102. Carob Powder
  103. Blue Mermaid Powder
  104. Sea Salt
  105. Vanilla Powder
  106. Acai Powder
  107. Lucuma Powder
  108. Coconut Milk (To Make Swirls)
  109. Chocolate Chips (Semi-sweet Dairy-free)
  110. Chocolate Caramel Kale Chips
  111. 3 Ingredient Peanut Butter Fudge
  112. Sliced Oven Baked Pancake Bars

Cancer Preventing Blueberry Broccoli Smoothie Recipe

Here is a healthy smoothie recipe for you to make and garnish with your favorite toppings from the list above.

112 Best Smoothie Toppings To Create The Wow Factor; Cancer preventing blueberry broccoli smoothie recipe

Please feel free to share this infographic on social media or your website with a link back to this post.

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I tend to make a smoothie bowl about 1-2 times a week at the weekend when I sit down with my family for a meal.  That way I can be sociable and it gives me something to look forward to, taste-wise.  

What are your favorite smoothie toppings?

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